With the adoption of Christianity in Russia, variousamulets replaced the cross of the nativity. A golden male cross is still worn by many representatives of the strong half of humanity. Only more often it is worn not as a religious object, but as a simple decoration. This symbol has great significance in Judaism, it is used by sorcerers, sorcerers for protection and in their rituals. Wearing a jewelry cross made of precious metals is a whim of fashion. For example, rappers prefer to hang on their necks over clothes large crosses.

male gold cross
Simple people usually prefer smallornaments. A male gold cross is worn daily on a chain around the neck, usually under clothing. Not all of them have an image of a crucified Christ. A very common theme for jewelry is the Celtic cross. It can be wooden, metal or from precious stones in a frame.

Jewelry crosses can be divided into externala kind on man's, female and children's. Gold crosses for men are larger, women are more elegant, and children are smaller in size and have rounded edges. Before deciding on a choice, decide which metal should be the product. More simple and inexpensive are made of silver, to a young man, if the budget allows, you can choose white gold, a man in years is more suitable for yellow. In this regard, consider what made other jewelry, which he usually wears. The cross can be decorated with precious stones. Usually for men's ornaments choose onyx, ruby, sapphire or diamond. Avoid a large number of gems on the product, it is more suitable for women. Purchase immediately and suitable for the thickness and length of the chain.

gold crosses for men
A male golden cross is a good and valuable gift. Spirits, for example, may not be suitable for smell, the same present will appeal to everyone. This kind of decoration is in harmony with any clothing. On sale you can find a variety of models, so it's easy to choose a gift for every taste and budget. And for large originals, you can buy a unique product. Professional jewelers can make a male gold cross of any design and complexity to order.

cross on the golden male
If you want to present as a gift notdecoration, and the symbol of faith, do not go after him to the jewelry store. Among a large number of jewelry jewelry it's easy to make a mistake and buy not a Christian symbol, but a semblance of it, not related to religion. Orthodox crosses can be four, six or eight-pointed, on the back there is usually an inscription "Save and save". As a rule, the same cross accompanies a person all his life from the moment of baptism, the new one is dressed only when the old one is lost or broken. The man's gold cross bought in the church shop will already be consecrated with a special rite and exactly corresponds to all Orthodox canons. He should be worn without taking off, under his clothes, and not to show off, because this is not an ornament, but a subject of religious worship. If you have purchased a cross in jewelry, be sure to take it to the church.