The efficiency of the enterprise depends oncompetent use of marketing tools. In the development of any enterprise, the analysis of marketing activities is an important link in the chain of success, in improving its financial condition. Work, as a rule, begins with the study of demand for products, markets for its sale, potential buyers and competitors, the level of market prices, assessing the availability of the necessary material and technical resources.

Analysis of demand for products

Define the direction of development of businessactivity will help to analyze the marketing activities of the firm. Demand for products reflects the volume of services or goods that the consumer needs, which he can purchase in a certain period of time at a certain price and in a certain market. Analysis of marketing activities reveals the level of dependence of demand for a specific type of goods, specific services on the price and quality of these goods, on the level of income of buyers, on interest rates on deposits, on inflation expectations, and the like.

Analysis of marketing activities givesthe opportunity to develop the necessary strategy and tactics for the development of the enterprise, present the justification for plans and management decisions, monitor the implementation of decisions and plans, identify reserves to improve the efficiency of production, open a real field for assessing the performance

Analysis of business activity of competitors

When an enterprise launches a new product, it giveswide advertising in broadcast media and in the press, providing an opportunity for consumers to try a new product, in the hope of increased demand for it, competitors at this time also do not snooze and create some information reasons. At this time, it is worth asking what actions of competitors can affect the level of sales.

In this case, a good analysis is necessarymarketing activities in order to understand and timely prevent the correct financial and organizational actions possible losses in order to optimize business processes, improve the efficiency of their business innovation in the conquest of the market.

The effectiveness of marketing research candepend on the depth of research of a certain topic, the popularity of the subject, the time of conducting a certain marketing research, and the geographic belonging of the enterprise under investigation.

Analysis of product markets

The conditions of a market economy place the most important economic and financial indicators of enterprises in dependence on the state of markets where the enterprise's products are sold.

Analysis of the marketing environment provides for the constant monitoring of the position of each type of products in all markets for the last several years.

Analysis can show that in recent years,certain products in the domestic market demand fell, and its profitability decreased, and demand for other products increased, sales and profitability increased. This indicates the need for detailed, ongoing analysis of the marketing environment, its development strategy and pricing policy.

When analyzing the sales markets of their productsmarketing services should study and performance indicators, technology production of competitors, the quality of their products. Such an analysis will provide an opportunity for the enterprise to optimally and more reasonably forecast the activity, to find the most effective innovative directions for expanding its niche market.

As a rule, the stage of growth of an enterpriseis characterized by a long-term perspective, for the maturity stage it is already typical in the short term to make a profit. At the stage of recession discounts are applied before the appearance of new products.