Interrelation and interdependence of patent andmarketing research is clearly traced when comparing the content of each of them, as both are based on the classical principles of marketing. Carrying out a complex of patent and marketing research is a necessary condition for the creation and commercialization of innovations. The implementation of these studies, as well as R & D, requires the presence in the structure of the organization of the relevant departments, qualified specialists, constant interaction and their focus on solving problems in accordance with the chosen strategy.

The essence and principles of marketing in conditionsinnovation development of the company is ultimately expressed in that commercially successful innovations are created as a result of close interaction of R & D units with patent and marketing services, from the birth of the idea of ​​a new product or process up to its introduction into the market and implementation of alternative strategic tasks (ensuring the needs of a particular market, expanding production and increasing market share, entering new markets, etc.).

Conditions for effective implementation of the strategyinnovative development is the creation of intellectual property (OIS), which form the basis, based on the importance of which it is possible to implement the business strategy of the organization, to realize the goals and principles of marketing the enterprise.

Depending on the availability and weight of the portfolio of patents on promising areas of science, the organization may adopt:

a) leadership strategy, if inventions are created that can be the basis for new products and technologies;

b) a strategy for improving the products and technologies produced, if inventions have been made that allow them to achieve their qualitatively new characteristics and satisfy the growing needs of the market;

c) survival strategy, if the inventions created only partly improve the consumer properties of goods.

Undoubtedly, the choice of strategy depends not only onfinancial and material-technical capabilities of the company, but also on how effectively the key principles of marketing of an innovative enterprise are realized. One of them is that, in conditions of open world competition in the strategy of innovative development of the economy, the most important component of success is the concentration of resources on the directions that ensure, on the one hand, stable competitive advantages due to the high scientific and technological level of production technologies and products, and on the other - relatively lower production costs, the demand for this product or technology specific market. The answer to this question is designed to provide marketing services that implement the communication policy of the organization. It is important to maintain a feedback between the intermediate results of the developments and the results of marketing research in order to correct management decisions in the implementation of innovative processes. Foreign experience shows that the data of marketing research are aimed at creating inventions that meet the current market needs.

Principles of marketing within the framework of innovativeStrategies also suggest that in the provision of competitive advantages, an important role should be played by the constant interaction of the developers of innovations and patent departments themselves at all stages of the innovation cycle - from invention to commercialization. The main efforts of the patent division of the company should be focused on solving a set of problems that contribute to obtaining the most possible results - maintaining or gaining competitive superiority.

In particular:

- carrying out patent information retrieval and analysis of the achieved level in a specific field of activity;

- identification, systematization of protected ITN and choice of forms of their legal protection;

- registration of applications for obtaining security documents for these objects or their registration;

- formation of a portfolio of patents and patent applications for perspective (determining) directions of economic development;

- selection, valuation and registration of commercially significant objects;

- determination of the dominant objects in the perspective planning of their commercialization;

- determination of the main advantages of the process or product, analysis of possible ways of entering the market;

- advertising and information support, including international promotion;

- verification of patent purity of products, applied technologies and means of individualization of goods and services;

- monitoring (assessment, forecast) of the state of development of certain scientific areas, changes in the patent licensing situation and market needs;

- identification of perspectives and interested organizations (firms) in the expansion of technological exchange or volumes of production of products through the sale (purchase) of licenses for OIC.

As can be seen from the enumeration of tasks alone,this list practically coincides with what are the basic principles of marketing that need to be realized and which must be followed when implementing the innovative vector of enterprise development.