The modern market of goods and services is experiencinga serious competitive struggle for the consumer. To work more efficiently, most manufacturers, suppliers of real products or non-material services use a variety of marketing policies, apply creative methods of working with staff and customers, consumers real and potential. One of the most effective marketing and advertising tools, which gained wide popularity, was a questionnaire, or a survey.

Features of the method

  • Questionnaires - this collection of certain information depending on theits objectives and organization, which is engaged in this. It is very widely used in politics, psychology and sociology, pedagogy and career counseling, for recruiting staff in an organization, in diagnosing demand and consumption in the labor market and production.
  • questioning is
    Traditionally, questionnaires are answers to questions in advanceformulated questions that should highlight the issue of interest, provide a general or detailed picture, provide the necessary information. After studying the results of the questionnaire, certain results are summed up, mathematical or statistical calculations are made, and certain conclusions are drawn.
  • It is clear that the questionnaire is working withquestionnaire, the questions are grouped in a special way. And the answers must be either unambiguous, like "yes / no" (closed questionnaires), or in an arbitrary form, which may contain argumentation elements (open).
  • And, at last, questioning is such kind of interrogation,which can be conducted directly with people (full-time, direct) or in correspondence by phone, Internet, remotely. It can be spoken or written, as well as non-verbal - in the form of drawings, graphs, schemes, etc. In addition, the questionnaire is single-entry, i.e. is held once for any reason (for example, the release of a new type of product, a new series of goods), and a dynamic, multiple (poll of public opinion on a political issue). In the latter case, it becomes possible to predict certain actions or events (poll during the election campaign).

Questioning and market

questioning of consumers
Questioning is considered a strong and useful marketing step. So, the survey consumers gives an idea of ​​their interests andpreferences, allows to obtain the most important information about how real and potential buyers are related to certain goods or products, what kind and type of services they specifically need, to which firms and companies are given a clear preference. Thus, a realistic picture of demand is determined, on the basis of which the market can formulate its proposals and assess the shortcomings of work to meet the needs of the population.

Types of questionnaires

The survey can be produced in a variety of ways:

  • Internet survey when questionnairesare sent to users of online stores, special forums or just owners of real email addresses. It can be paid or free - depending on the policy of the company.
    internet survey
  • Interrogation of buyers in shops or in the market, in the place of direct purchases-sales.
  • Survey through questionnaires sent by mail.
  • Questioning by telephone or SMS.
  • Survey of experts.
  • An indirect study of the interests and needs of the general mass of buyers.
  • Questioning consumers from a certain age or social group.
  • Trade audit and evaluation system.


When going to conduct a survey, it always followsremember that the questionnaire is a purely voluntary matter, most often anonymous, and does not allow a compulsory element. Conversely, in order to attract people to participate in the survey, many organizations use a promotional element in their work: a gift or a discount on the goods is waiting for the participants to fill in the list of participants. This kind is called a promotion and allows not only to obtain the necessary information, but also to realize not particularly running products.