Today, more and more women are turning to folk remedies that can replace similar salon procedures. Special attention is required by such a miracle cure as simple gelatin.

gelatinous face mask reviews

It is quite interesting gelatin mask for the face -Positive feedback clearly demonstrates this. Regularly applying this ingredient as a part of cosmetic products, a woman can achieve skin rejuvenation, pulling up the oval face and even bleaching it. No less favorable it acts on the hair, filling all the cracks in the hairs, while adding shine and volume to them.

Glycine and collagen is rich in gelatinous maskfor face. Comments of women using it show that the first natural element has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and the second maintains the health of the skin, making it supple, elastic and clean. One can not help but recall that capsules for medicines are made from gelatin.

gelatinous hair mask laminating
Nutritional gelatin is made from connectiveAnimal tissue, consisting mainly of collagen. In this case, the main advantage of this element over sufficiently expensive creams is the cleavage of molecules, through which it easily penetrates the skin.

Therefore, gelatinous face mask, reviews aboutwhich can be read on any women's thematic site, will help to combat age-related changes (flabbiness and small wrinkles). In addition, gelatin is able to tighten the skin of the face, soften and lightly whiten it. It is especially suitable for those who have pigmented spots on their face.

To achieve the greatest effect, it is very importantchoose the quality ingredients from which the gelatin mask will be prepared for the face, the testimonies of the female part of humanity show this. So, gelatin should be chosen only in plates (transparent) and in no case should not take powder or yellow instant.

gelatinous mask lamination
When dissolving it is necessary to useonly a water bath, while pre-soaking it in cold water. As additional ingredients, you can use any ingredients from fresh fruit to simple flour (to thicken the mask). You need to consider your skin type. So, when combined use: peach, orange, kiwi and grapes. If you have dry skin, then melon, apricot and persimmon will do. If fatty - strawberry, lemon, raspberry, pear and grapefruit.

Another effective application of this substanceis a gelatinous hair mask (lamination). It is gelatin that can envelop every hair and fill all the damaged places. Locks become visually much thicker, more voluminous and more obedient. Also, even the most fatty hair is much less likely to wash. In this case, you still need to pay attention to the ingredients from which the gelatin mask is prepared. Lamination also has its own characteristics. First, the effect of this procedure is enough for a month. Secondly, lamination must be done after painting the hair, and not before it.