When someone decorates his body with a tattoo, hedoes this for a reason. Each drawing carries a certain semantic load for a person who wants to stay with him for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, almost every symbol has some generally recognized definition, and even a few. Recently, a very popular drawing on the body was the arrow. The value of tattoo, its features and sketches should be considered in more detail.

arrow value tattoo

For real men

Mankind decorates its bodies with tattoos alreadythousands years. But only in the twentieth century, the fashion for them surpassed all possible expectations. From the same long time it was believed that only men, especially warriors, decorate themselves with tattoos in the form of weapons. Ax, sword, bow and arrow - the value of the tattoo in this case does not cause doubts: its carrier is associated with military service or hunting. He has such qualities as coolness and dexterity. Often this element was decorated with the arms of the generals. In the traditions of some peoples of Africa, the arrow on the body is still a sign of an ultimatum or the beginning of a war. Modern men often choose such a drawing, even if they are not related to weapons and military affairs. And for this there are different reasons.

Spirituality and subtle matter

When interpreting the picture is considered important, wherearrow is aimed: the meaning of the tattoo has changed from this. If its tip looks to the north, then it is focused on wisdom. If you turn to the south, it speaks of innocence. The eastern direction symbolizes foresight, and the western direction - intuition. If on a tattoo several arrows intersect, like a flower, this sign can determine the person's philosophical attitude to life and the frailty of being. Also two crossed arms can personify friendship, the intersection of vital roads.

tattoo arrow on hand value

Strela tattoo: the meaning for girls

When the tattoo became so commonphenomenon and it is stuffed by everyone who is not lazy, it is quite natural that the meaning of the ancient symbols is deformed or even completely changed. The drawing begins to acquire many other definitions. Especially if you take into account the fact that nowadays the weapon itself is more often filled by representatives of the weaker sex. It was they who set the new direction, which carries the tattoo "Bow and arrows" - the meaning is now his love. The main weapon of Cupid or Cupid can mean readiness for relationships and marriage. And the heart pierced by an arrow has two variants of interpretation: a successful union or, on the contrary, unhappy love.

arrow tattoo meaning for girls

Forward to your goal

Increasingly, another notion is used forthe designation of a picture called "Arrow". The value of tattoo now implies such traits of a person's character as purposefulness and straightforwardness. This is also one of the reasons why girls so love this tattoo in our age of feminists. It is also a symbol of overcoming obstacles. After all, to shoot a bow, you need to pull back the bowstring, overcome its tension, determine the goal and shoot the arrow forward.

Perhaps, it is this value for todaydetermines the popularity of this version of the tattoo. For an arrow to become symbolic for a person, it adds elements to it that determine its essence. Variants of such components of the picture depend only on the imagination of the author himself. Unusual plumage, an amazing tip, refractions and bends of the shaft, as well as the number of arrows also can tell a lot about the person who chose such a tattoo.

tattoo bow and arrow value

Select a color and place

The place for drawing the sketch of the boom can be anypart of the body. But most often the choice falls on the hands: shoulders, forearms, wrists. The shin, scapula, neck are also one of the favorite places for tattoos. When you want to fill the "Arrow" tattoo on your hand, the meaning of the place becomes symbolic. It is the upper limbs that hold the onion. They pull the arrow out of the quiver and make a shot. As for the color component, such drawings are applied mainly black paint, less often - with the addition of color elements.

If the arrow is only an element of a large pattern, then inIn this case, a game with a palette can be any. The "tip" of the tattoo "Arrow" is in minimalism and quality deposition. It is also quite simple to perform, and it does not hurt so much. Naturally, every person wants his tattoo to be unique. In this case, it is worthwhile to take a responsible attitude to this issue, choose a good master and together create an ideal sketch that emphasizes individuality.