At the peak of popularity today is a shorta haircut. However, sometimes I want to add fresh notes to my hair. The desire to constantly change does not disappear anywhere, but what to do in the event that braids, curls and curls are in the past?

To help the fair sexcomes to all the famous bleaching powder, it is he who helps to make changes in the hairstyle. Shading for short hair is a technique used by stylists to create a bold and modern image.

highlighting short hair
Melirovanie perfectly suits the ownersShort hair with a dark shade. But we must remember that the original hairstyle should be smooth and well-groomed. Otherwise, the glare will only enhance the effect of sloppy hair.

Refuse to experiment on your appearance is also worth it in case of a recent chemical perm or hair lamination.

One of the main advantages of a short haircut isthat there is no need to waste time and money on trips to beauty salons. It is much easier to make a mark on short hair than to work daily on laying long curls.

Before going directly to the veryprocess of discoloration, it is necessary to analyze the condition of the haircut, namely - is it time to change or refresh it? According to experts, individual light strands on asymmetrical, torn haircuts, look cackly and a little boyish.

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It does not matter whether you create the image yourself, orask for help from a professional, you should be patient, as the procedure lasts for several hours. There are two ways to make a marking on short hair: use a foil or a rubber cap with holes. And both methods require thoroughness and accuracy.

In the first case, thin strands are necessarydecolorize and wrap in foil. In the second, a cap with holes is placed, which looks like a swimming cap, and strands of hair are crocheted. Both methods help to prevent paint from getting onto the bulk of the hair.

If the result is far from desired, alwaysyou can fix the situation with a shade of shampoo. But in no case at the end of the process, you should not use permanent paint. Hair can simply burn out from the large content of ammonia.

highlighting short hair photo

Briefing on short hair, whose photoquite often found in fashion magazines, you can do not more than once every two months, with only the roots discolouring. It should be noted that the correction process is even more complex and painstaking than the primary clarification.

Special follow-up care ismandatory after the hair has been melted. The price of the procedure will pay off completely, and the hairstyle will look fine if you use special shampoos, conditioners and restoring masks.

The only shortcoming of highlights isThe harmful effect of the discolouring paint on the hair. Therefore, before deciding on this procedure, you need to remember that almost all curled, dyed or streaked hair require special attention and care. If you have the strength and time to do this, then it remains to wish you good luck in changing the image!