In Rostov-on-Don, laser hair removal is a populara procedure that is in demand among both women and men. In specialized salons specialists using laser technology remove unwanted vegetation from any part of the body, including faces. Prices in professional salons bite, but the result exceeds all expectations. The skin looks excellent: clean, well-groomed, tender, soft without irritation.

What is it

In Rostov-on-Don, laser hair removal is consideredalternative cosmetology technique. It is aimed at combating undesirable vegetation on the face and body. Along with shaving, waxing, electrolysis, depilation creams - the laser does not hurt the skin, it does not cause irritation, which means it is a more attractive and modern method of solving the problem. Laser hair removal is also called photomechanical technology, which has a long-lasting and radical effect, that is, complete hair removal, suspension of their growth.

laser hair removal in Rostov on Don

Today, there are several laser techniques,which are in demand in aesthetic cosmetology and have proven themselves. Common to them is the laser exposure to hair contactlessly on a large area of ​​the skin. The laser beam affects the hair follicle and the structure of the hair, acting selectively. This means that hair removal occurs without tissue damage. In order to completely prevent further hair growth, several procedures that have been taken within 4-8 months will be required. That is why in Rostov-on-Don laser hair removal is so in demand, especially among women. After all, it allows you to get rid of the problem in a relatively short time.

Features of the procedure

Experts recommend that before the laser procedureepilation to prepare. In Rostov-on-Don, there are many excellent salons where you can learn more about the session and preparing for it. The method has its own nuances and contraindications. If you decide to make an appointment, refrain from sunburn for two weeks before laser hair removal. It is also not recommended to remove hair by yourself. Three days before the procedure, do not wipe the skin with lotions that contain alcohol. You can not take antibiotics two weeks before hair removal. Six hours before the session, carefully select the area that will be exposed to laser radiation.

laser hair removal in Rostov on don prices

After epilation, you can not sunbathe forfourteen days, take a hot bath for three days, visit swimming pools, saunas, wipe the skin with alcohol lotions. Laser hair removal is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women with diabetes and oncology; women and men with skin diseases (psoriasis). Do not remove the cannon, light and gray hair.


If you decide to get rid of excess body hairor face, laser hair removal will help. In Rostov-on-Don, prices are usually lower than in Moscow. Laser epilation can achieve a lasting effect, including complete hair removal from a specific area of ​​the skin. To achieve maximum results, three to five procedures are required. For example, to remove hair in the bikini zone it is necessary to pass 4-8 sessions with breaks of several weeks. The maximum interval between them is ten weeks. As a rule, after the first procedure, from fifteen to forty percent of unwanted hair disappears, ingrown hairs are removed, the pores and black dots from which the hair grows narrow; passes irritation and inflammation of the skin. As a result, the skin looks healthy, well-groomed, smooth, soft and velvety to the touch.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Like any cosmetic procedure, removalhair laser has its advantages and disadvantages. Minuses include minor contraindications for laser hair removal. In Rostov-on-Don, prices and reviews of local centers and specialists can always be found if the client is in search of a suitable beauty salon. Despite some drawbacks, laser hair removal still has more pluses. First, while treating the surface of the skin with a laser, unwanted hair is permanently destroyed after several sessions. Secondly, the skin immediately becomes smooth and gentle. Thirdly, the procedure allows you to safely wear open clothes, because the skin looks perfect. Fourthly, on the treated surface there are no burns from the laser, as well as irritation and redness.

Specialists in the salons use alexandritelaser. It is completely safe, quickly and painlessly removes hairs on any sensitive areas of the body for the minimum number of sessions. If the skin is hypersensitive and light, the laser may leave burns. That's why before the procedure should consult a specialist, weighing all the pros and cons. The intensity of exposure to the laser is selected individually, depending on the type of skin and appearance. Significant disadvantages of the procedure include the high cost of one session.

laser hair removal in Rostov on don prices review


"Ластрада" - one of the popular centers of laserhair removal in Rostov-on-Don offers its services to remove hair on the face, in the zone of bikini and hips, on the back, chest, lower leg, buttocks. He is on the street. Moscow, 9 "a". There are more than twenty salons in the city that help men and women to find beautiful and smooth skin quickly and professionally. It is worth paying attention to the beauty salon and spa in Rostov - GEN87 (Kirovsky pr., 69), Beauty studio Demidova Alina "YES" (Cosmonauts Avenue, 1/26), "Laser Clinic" (Bolshaya Sadovaya st. , 63), "Powder" (Temernitskaya str., 91), "Linline" (Pushkinskaya st., 55), Gallery (st. Veresaeva, 105/2), "Philosophy of Beauty" (Budennovskiy pr., 120/1), Belletsa (Budennovskiy Avenue, 55), VID (Stachki Avenue, 177/1), Lorain (Gagarinskaya Street, 2 a), AGGER (M. Street). Gorky, 169) and many others. All these beauty centers and studios are engaged in removing undesirable vegetation on the body, as well as providing other services, for example, restoring youth and skin health.

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Price list

Cost of services in the salons of laser hair removal inRostov-on-Don is different. On average, the procedure for getting rid of hair on the shins costs 6 thousand rubles, on the chest - from 4,5 thousand rubles, deep bikini - 3,5 thousand, back - 10 thousand, the front surface of the hips - 4 thousand, buttocks - 5 thousand rubles. In general, prices for laser hair removal services in the city are acceptable, especially given that the result is long.

Salons of laser hair removal in Rostov on Don

Laser Hair Removal in Rostov-on-Don: reviews

Judging by the reviews, the salons of the city are comfortableatmosphere and cleanliness, friendly attitude to customers. Taking into account the fact that hair removal is carried out by professionals with a special laser, the client does not feel pain and other unpleasant sensations. Some customers express special gratitude to some specialists. So, very good feedback about the work of the master Anna - the specialist cosmetologist of the AGGER salon. The clients celebrate Anna's professionalism, readiness to answer all questions of interest, sensitivity to each client. Good reviews about the specialists of the salon "YES". As the visitors note, the salon employees give detailed explanations on the procedures, recommend the most optimal price-quality ratio, try to really help the customers.