The router is used to createhome network and ensure the distribution of the Internet for all necessary devices - several computers, consoles, media centers and other wireless gadgets. The correct choice of the router or router, as it is also called, as well as its further configuration, provide access to the Internet from anywhere in the living quarters. Anyone who wants to supplement their home with such a device, you need to know about some of the characteristics of wireless routers.

choice of router

First of all, to make the right choicerouter for home, you need to pay attention to the standards that supports wireless and wired network. Knowing them, you can choose the appropriate device, and then the entire system will work properly. By this parameter, all routers can be classified into two groups - supporting 802.11n standards, as well as those that work only with 802.11b or 802.11g standards. The difference between these classes is that the first group provides a much higher speed of information transmission of the wireless network. For comparison, 802.11n standards allow you to work on the Internet at speeds up to 150 Mbps, and other classes are characterized by speeds of 54 Mbps.

choosing a home router

The correct choice of a Wi-Fi router for the home depends andon how active and voluminous activities are conducted by the user on the Internet. For example, if it is limited only to viewing certain sites, searching for information, checking mail and keeping correspondence, then in this case, do not worry about the processor's power and the amount of RAM in the router. However, if a user gives and receives a large number of large files daily, it is necessary to go into details and, when making a choice of a router in the store, ask for more detailed information about the device.

The scheme by which the router works, understandit is very easy - he gets the Internet from the provider through a wired channel, and then distributes it using a Wi-Fi system. As already mentioned, in addition to laptops and desktop computers, you can connect a printer to the router, configure the hard drive to access its files from other devices. In addition, the choice of router and its price will depend on other functions. It is necessary to consider whether there are TV sets in the house and whether you need to broadcast files from the Internet using a TV. Some routers also allow you to reserve an Internet channel. If these parameters are not involved, then the choice of the router can be stopped on a cheaper model.

choice of wi fi router for home

When you purchase a device to create a home networkyou need to pay attention to whether the router supports the creation of VPN tunnels, which may be necessary to develop private LANs over the Internet. Also, the built-in print server is a function that provides network printing, which will not necessarily be necessary for every customer of the router. The price of the device will depend, of course, on the design of the model, the number of USB ports and the popularity of the manufacturer.