This series of laptops have been produced for a long time, andit is very popular. The notebook model described below - HP Pavillion dv6 - is very powerful and has a creative design. It is mainly designed for multimedia and entertainment programs. Its main characteristics and benefits can be found in this article.

hp pavilion dv6 specifications

What are the advantages of HP brand?

HP laptops are produced for a long time and differgreat variety in their series. If you want to buy a laptop from HP manufacturers, it's easy to choose the right model. In each model there are certain functions for any tasks. In 2011, the light came out the model of the laptop HP Pavilion dv6, the characteristics of which allowed it to become the most popular among users.

The cost of this gadget ranges from 700-800 dollars on average, and it justifies itself. In addition, the parameters favorably distinguish it among other devices.

hp pavilion dv6 2019er specifications

HP Pavilion dv6 - specifications

The gadget runs under the Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The cache of the device is 512 KB.

The display of the notebook comes with a resolution1280x800, and the size of the device matrix is ​​15.4. The 15.6-inch screen allows the image to be bright and sharp, watching movies on this screen is a pleasure.

Speaking about internal models of HP Pavilion dv6characteristics, it should be noted gadget processor - 2-core Intel Corei3 2330M with a frequency of 2.2 GHz. The DDR3 memory is 4 GB with the AMD Radeon Hd 6490M graphics adapter. It allows you to switch to the built-in graphics with support for the Intel HD GRAPHICS 3000 chip. As you can see, the device has quite decent power.

laptop specifications hp pavilion dv6

The characteristics of the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop in terms of sound effects are also impressive - the IDT 92HD81 audio card provides a clear sound, there are built-in speakers and a microphone.

Working time without recharging

Examining the external HP Pavilion dv6characteristics, it should be noted that the weight of this laptop is 3.1 kg. A power source such as La-ion is used. The charging time is 6 hours, which is an excellent parameter for a laptop. The battery is very powerful, you can use several applications at the same time. Due to the lack of computational load, this model allows to include energy-saving mode.

The device has a power supply 110 to 220v, as well as the HDMI extension. The HP Pavilion dv6000-Wi-Fi network is installed, which ensures fast and uninterrupted connection to the wireless Internet. Functions bluetooth and modem are also provided as standard features of any modern laptop.

In addition, there is an extension of TV-Out: + (S-Video), VGA-connector is also present, installed USB-ports - three pieces of 2.0. Firewire is available, which makes the HP Pavilion dv6 performance very decent.

Gadget Design and Appearance

HP Pavillion dv6 is a little differentdesign from its predecessor - 3000. The inner frame of the screen and the panel are slightly convex, which immediately catches the eye. Attention is drawn to the upwardly curved body and cover. The main color is dark brown. The inner panel and cover are made of original metal with longitudinal polishing.

hp pavilion dv6 specifications

In addition to the "native" body, there are also gray, white and black variations, which are less common.

How to distinguish a fake?

The quality of counterfeit laptops of this linedistinguishes them from the original products - it is much worse. Notebook HP Pavillion dv6 assembly from the manufacturer is much stronger and better. One hull can be understood if there is a fake in front of you. The laptop "native" assembly has a solid bottom, its body is not twisted, fixing the hinge is very strong, which is very important for laptops. The service center gives only one year warranty.

How to avoid problems when buying a gadget

Any technique should not be purchased with hands, sincecan easily deceive. In such a purchase - the solid minuses. There is no guarantee that when you come home and unpack the box, you can generally work on a laptop. And no one will reimburse the damage, as it will be impossible to prove anything. As already mentioned above, the genuine HP Pavilion dv6 2019er specifications are so good that the device is guaranteed to work well. At the same time, a layman can make a mistake and buy a poor-quality product.

It is also not desirable to buy a laptop on the market. Although there are checks on the purchased goods, but in which case, when you come to the market, you can not find the point at which it was purchased. Even buying a laptop in specialized stores, you need to be sure of the reliability of the place, read about it reviews, ask the opinion of friends. Be sure to be legally savvy. It is desirable to extend the guarantee that the store itself gives. It is better to pay, but be sure that if something happens to the laptop, you can easily prove your case.

For the gadget to work as long as possible, do notit will require no special efforts - it is enough to follow known and common recommendations on the handling of such equipment. First of all, this requirement does not have a gadget on soft, fleecy surfaces and do not overheat it.