The curiosity of modern users of computersystems there is no limit. In the end, the day comes when the user wants to learn how the system works, or what some files and directories are for. And the folder MSOcache (Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP) is very interesting to many.

MSOcache: what's the folder?

First, let's see what this directory represents. As they say, you do not need to be a genius in the forehead to understand the deciphering of the abbreviation.

msocache for the folder

As, probably, it is already clear to many, cache iscached files. The abbreviation MS clearly refers to the name of Microsoft Corporation, and the letter "O" is nothing more than a shortcut from the Office software product.

msocache folder windows 7

Thus, we get the general value - the foldercached Microsoft Office files. True, it is not very easy to find it. The fact is that this directory is hidden. To view it, you must enable hidden files and folders to be displayed in the same Explorer.

What can the folder files be for?

Now let's take a closer look at the MSOcache object. What folder do we have in this case, and what is it for? It's simple.

As you know, no software product, includingincluding Microsoft Office applications, is not immune from errors or malfunctions that occur in completely unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes this comes to the fact that the software package has to be reinstalled. But this takes some time.

Moreover, if the application is configured in connection with the needs of the user, after a re-installation, you can get, so to speak, a "clean" product, and you will have to configure it again.

In order not to engage in such things, and createdthe MSOcache directory. What kind of folder is it, and what is it for, you ask? But for what. It stores data for restoring MS Office applications. Compared with the re-installation, this process takes a few minutes, depending on the speed of the system, the degree of damage to an application, or the type of error that occurs.

Can I delete the MSOcache folder?

Naturally, this directory takes the placea lot, but, as a rule, no more than 1 GB. With modern volumes of hard drives, it is, as they say, a drop in the sea. But if a hard disk of relatively small size is installed in a computer system, then every megabyte is in the account. That's why many users have a question whether this component can be removed from the system.

can I delete the msocache folder

Naturally, you can delete this folder, and withoutany painful consequences for the system. It's only after crashes that you can not restore applications in automatic mode. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up in advance the installation distribution of the original version of MS Office, which is currently installed on the computer. It can be an optical disk, a flash drive or any other removable media. As it is already clear, if a person decided to delete the MSOcache folder, then it will obviously not be able to keep the installation files on the hard drive.

Again, when you reinstall all programs included in the main MS Office package, the user will receive a "clean" product, and you will have to manually rebuild it.

msocache for the folder

It is necessary to pay attention to the processremoval. The usual removal from the Explorer with moving to the Trash is not recommended. Here you need to use a special Windows tool in the form of disk cleaning, where you select the installation components of MS Office.


Here, in fact, in brief and all that concerns the topic"MSOcache: what's the folder?". Now each user is free to choose, leave this directory on the hard drive or delete it. However, you can advise this folder still do not touch, because the restoration of programs in the form required by the user, occurs, firstly, automatically, and secondly, much faster than the re-installation.

The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the method of removal, otherwise you can cause irreparable harm to the entire system as a whole.