If the average user is asked,does he know what auto-shutdown computer is and how to configure this feature, then the answer will often be negative. Such a person successfully solves a narrow range of their tasks, and does not even think about using any additional software mechanisms of the operating system. Indeed, why, if everything is working.

But let's talk. How are auto-shutdown of the computer and, for example, gas heating connected? And the common thing between them is that in that, and in another case, there is progress, development. People once quite successfully lived, basking at the fires, but someone first tried to put fire in the brick walls, creating a fireplace, then the furnace appeared, and then the fire in it began to burn thanks to gas in the main. Similarly, in the case of computer programs - you just need to try additional features. For sure to refuse from their further use will be difficult. One of such software features is auto-shutdown of the computer.

As usual, let's start with examples. No doubt, every user at least once had to download a large file from the Internet. A prime example is the so-called torrents with movies and other programs. Well, if the speed of connection to the global network is so high that it takes only a few minutes to complete the download. But what if the program displays an approximate time of several hours? Of course, for a while you can work at the computer, waiting for the download to complete, but this option is not always available. In this case, the ideal solution would be to turn off the computer automatically: to turn off the computer after the download. It is enough to turn off the monitor and you can do your own thing - the electronic assistant will perform the task yourself.

The following example is related to watching movies. What could be better than making a movie show before going to bed? Obviously, it's much more rational not to sit for hours in front of the screen, but it's convenient to lie down on the sofa. This is the main "danger" - it is very easy to fall asleep without waiting for the end of the viewing. Then in the morning it turns out that the computer worked in vain all night. This could be avoided if there is an automatic shutdown function. And it exists! And in many operating systems.

How to use auto-shutdown computerWindows 7? This task can be solved in several ways. Each of them has a number of advantages, so the choice is made based on the requirements of the user. So, the system includes a utility shutdown. We press a combination of buttons Win + R and in a line we type shutdown -s -t 1800. In a tray the message that switch-off will occur in 30 minutes is deduced. 1800 seconds = 30 minutes. The cancellation is also possible: shutdown -a. Disadvantage: lack of a graphical interface and based on the scheduler of tasks, whose service can be disabled.

It is more convenient to use third-party applications,because they have much more opportunities. One of the most convenient, most real harvester is PowerOff from the developer Koeniger. It can take into account the processor load, the sending of network packets and a number of other parameters. Despite the high functionality, even a beginner can understand it.

Fans of maximum integration can beinteresting shutdown gadgets for Windows 7. Having stopped on them the choice, it is possible not to worry that the graphic interface will differ from the system interface (as it can happen with some applications). Some of them are highly specialized products, while others offer additional opportunities. In the vastness of the global network of such free gadgets is quite a lot, so it remains only to pick up any one for your own needs.