The article tells about what an arcade is, what features such computer games possess, and describes the most common of their genres.


Computer games have long ceased to be funfor children, in our time they are played by representatives of various strata of the population, age and social status. Although there are still those who consider this industry to be extremely harmful and see it as the reason for the allegedly growing number of crimes among young people.

The process of creating some such novelties is not enoughthan inferior in scope and cost shooting, for example, the next Hollywood movie. A large team of specialists works on the creation of the game, actors for voice-over of characters, historical consultants, etc. are invited. However, there are some genres of games that do without all this, and people love them not for the detailed drawing of the world and the plot, but for the gameplay itself . And it's arcade. So what is an arcade? How does it differ from other games and what are its most popular varieties? We will talk about this.


what is an arcade

Arcade is a common term thatmeans games with a deliberately simplified process, graphics or other component. And, by the way, some game reviewers, magazines or websites even highlight such games in a separate genre, including various platformers. But first things first. With what is an arcade, we figured out, now let's talk about how such a direction arose at all.

It all started with slot machines that wereused to be very common. In an environment where computers could afford not all, and game consoles were not at all, machines were very popular. And in the case when the game is ported from a similar machine to a computer, it is called arcade. Well, or when it's its essence and style is simply similar to other automaton games. So now we know what an arcade is.

Now a whole generation has grown up, for whichcomputer and other digital technologies - this is the usual thing, but nevertheless arcade games are still very popular. Of course, far from everything, it is not enough to create or port a game from a vending machine to a computer - not everyone attracts such a genre. However, what are their variants for the computer in general?


Arcade races are different in the first placeextremely simplistic control and the physics of the car. During the ride, a lot of factors are not taken into account, such as the speed of entering the turn, the type of road coverage and much more. True, some of them gradually outgrew the genre of arcades and began to be produced separately on the computer. But in the end they lost the definition of "arcade". Games of this kind are very popular and always compete with each other for the attention of the audience.


arcade games

Similar games were born at the firstprefixes, and many remember the ancestors of this genre - games such as Tekken and Mortal Kombat. Usually they represent a two-dimensional image, on which the characters in every possible way try to defeat each other with the help of hand-to-hand fighting and fighting techniques. And they love them for the fact that the choice of players is given a large number of heroes, each of which has its unique combat skills. True, it is these arcades on the computer to install it makes sense only when there is a joystick, because the mouse and keyboard play them hard.


arcades on the computer

The very concept of "platformer" came from the world of gamingconsoles and consoles, because there this genre is most popular. The meaning of them is to pass the level and overcome various obstacles and traps with the help of jumping, running or savvy.