The huge universe of EVE-online seems endless. However, it is populated by only five races, which on closer inspection do not differ so much. However, at the start you are obsessively offered to make a choice of race. EVE-online is distinguished by a variety of tactics and strategies, so this "event" will become one of the most important parts of the future gameplay.

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Many players choose the race not only on the basis of practical considerations, but also taking into account the genealogy and history of each individual people.

  1. Amarr. The imperialists, slave owners and religious fanatics. 40% of the population of the galaxy. This race is at war with most other peoples, including the former slaves Minmatar, as well as Jovi and Gallente, who could not be enslaved.
  2. Minmatar. Race of rebellious nomads with a republican form of government. Despite the fact that the Minmatar Republic is very small in size, most of the representatives of this race live in other states.
  3. Gallente. Liberal-minded democrats. Find the meaning of life in obtaining pleasure. The production of luxury and entertainment services is what they built their federation.
  4. Caldari. Militarized capitalists who do not understand life without war. They are mainly engaged in trade, but not at the state level.
  5. Jovi is the most technologically advanced creature. They live by selling their products. They have a closed life and it is difficult for them to understand the rest of the people. They are a non-faction faction.

As you can see, the races of EVE-online strongly differ from each other not only in their outlook, but also in their behavior towards other nations. Here everyone can find something to his taste.

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For people who prefer to approach the choice of the EVE-online race from a practical point of view, rather than the entourage, there are exact figures that will help determine the choice.

Amarrs have a 25% increase in the skills of using combat drones and missile systems. Even better, they are controlled with laser guns. Here the bonus is 50%. In addition, they have a good increase in armor.

As for non-combat characteristics, thisthe race uses neutralizers and vampires of energy, as well as silencers of gun tracking systems. As a disadvantage, one can distinguish low speed and maneuverability.


The nomadic tribes of this race EVE-online have learneduse stasis-network generators and target illumination systems. Considering that they have fast enough and maneuverable ships, such support becomes very effective.

From weapons systems, they also preferrocket launchers. However, the greatest increase in skills is made by ballistic guns - 75%. At the same time, they specialize in energy shields, which saves on strength and damage to the hull.

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These freedom-loving and cheerful inhabitants of the universe incombat prefer to use battle drones and hybrid guns. Bonuses amount to 50%. At the same time, their ships have average speed indicators, and armor exists a little longer due to increased repair skills.

If you choose to race in EVE-onlinebased on the effectiveness of enemy control, then this race is for you. Gallente uses the mufflers of warp engines and target search systems, thus giving the enemy much discomfort.


As should any aggressive race,these capitalists use heavy weapons - hybrid guns and rocket launchers are 50% better. In addition, they have improved shielding performance in shields. Unfortunately, this greatly affects the speed, so it leaves much to be desired. But the systems of protection against the capture of targets regularly save the Caldari from destruction.


We examined all the people in EVE-online. Which race should I choose? Historically, due to good for PVE modes, the Caldari race is chosen. Fans of PVP take any others, since the difference between them will not be so noticeable.