"King of Thieves" is a new online game fromdevelopers of the popular puzzle Cut the Rope, the main gempleynaya part of which is in asynchronous multiplayer. The player must build his own dungeon, fencing and protecting him with all sorts of traps. After all, there are untold wealth and treasures, which are periodically committed by other players. You, in turn, also need to get into the dungeons of rivals and steal their values.

King of thieves placement

However, the protection of its own territory is stillis in the first place in importance. To help you in this difficult matter, we have prepared several tips and advice on the best arrangements in the King of Thieves.

Forget about impenetrable dungeons

Perhaps this is the most popular idea, whichcomes to mind the players - place traps everywhere, making the dungeon completely impassable. Forget about it. The fact is that in order for your dungeon to survive, you have to go through it yourself, so this arrangement in the King of Thieves is undesirable. Building too light a dungeon is also not recommended. Try to show ingenuity and cunning to create something average in complexity, but at the same time challenging strangers.

Do not leave the game until you finish building

Whatever the workshops were not yourKing of Thieves, remember that opponents can not attack you while you are inside the game. In case of the necessary upgrade of the traps, which may take some time, we recommend to leave the game turned on. Otherwise you will be in danger.

Best positioned King of thieves

Also, we strongly advise you not to turn off ifthe construction of constellations in the King of Thieves and the strengthening of the protection of the dungeon were not completed. If you just need to leave the game, then in this case try to create something in a hurry.

A bit about the traps and their arrangements in King of Thieves

Try combining doors with traps - this isworks both with inexperienced players, and with those who often forgets about their caution. Put the door and immediately behind it place a few traps, such as gunshot.

Do not forget to secure your treasure with a couple of traps. Psychology already works here: if an outsider notices treasures, then he easily forgets that there may be something else.

Remember that traps need to be evenly distributedto spread out all around the perimeter of the dungeon. Forget about the desire to equip one site and turn it into an impregnable wall - you still have to go through it yourself.