To date, the "World of Tanks" is onefrom the most popular multiplayer games. This success is due to the originality of the project, as well as its almost perfect correspondence to reality and a huge variety of possibilities. Naturally, most gamers are attracted by the opportunity to be the captain of a tank that is fighting with other combat vehicles - this is an impression that users have been waiting for a long time. Of course, earlier there were also attempts to create a tank simulator, but all of them were not particularly successful - moreover, they offered only a single mode. In this case we are talking about a unique experience, which still excites the minds of gamers. But now it will not be directly about the game itself, but about one of the most popular modifications - XVM. Activating statistics, changing the appearance of the game, adding various graphic functions - all this will offer you a subscription to this mod.

What is XVM?

xvm activation statistics

Many novice players do not have the slightestthe notion of what the XVM is. Activate the statistics has no value to them, the appearance of the game is quite satisfactory, and all functions meet expectations. However, over time, they begin to understand better the mechanics of the game and realize that a lot of things in it could be changed for the better, individualized and adjusted for themselves. They also begin to appreciate the importance of statistics and its accuracy, and then this modification comes to their aid. With it, you can add various useful visual add-ons to the game that will make your life easier - more convenient markers over tanks, advanced base capture range and so on. However, the most important mission of the XVM is statistics. With this mod you will be able to access detailed statistics right in the middle of the battle, in order to have an idea of ​​who you are dealing with, and also the situation on the battlefield. All this can be configured in detail using the XVM. Activating statistics is the first step that you need to take, and it should be considered separately.

Download and installation

 xvm activation

The first thing you need to do is download a modXVM. Activate the statistics will occur in the window of any browser, but first you need to acquire directly the most modification. This step is quite simple - you just need to go to the official modification site and download it for free. Then you need to install it in the folder with your game, in order to be able to activate it afterwards. You can download additional sets and sets, but now we are talking about the basic fashion that every self-respecting tankman should have. As for the inclusion of XVM, the activation will not occur in the game itself, but, as already said, in the Internet browser, on the site of this mod, where you downloaded it from.

Log in using the "World of Tanks" account

xvm olenemer

The convenience of this mod is largelythat you do not need to create and register a separate account. In the case of XVM activation occurs in your personal account, but you do not need to create one. When you visit the site, you are offered the opportunity to immediately log in using the login and password of your "World of Tanks" account. To convince you that this is not cheating and not stealing passwords, the site advertises that almost four million players are constantly using this modification. So you do not have to worry and boldly enter, because the next step is the setup process, which will depend on what functions you can use in the future. By the way, the unofficial name XVM is a deer, so it is often called players. So if you hear this rather strange word - be aware that this is a modification of the XVM.

Activating services

world of tanks xvm fashion

This moment is one of the most important. No matter how you call this program - XVM, olenemer or something else, you should understand that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. You will have to pay for the fact that you activate this mod - the amount is purely symbolic, so you should not be stingy. Especially it is worth considering the fact that a longer period of action will cost you less in relative terms, so it is recommended to activate the project for as long as possible to make it more profitable. If you ask an experienced tanker about what are the most important for the World of Tanks fashion, XVM will be his very first response. This modification gives you just the necessary information and the widest possibilities, so do not be stingy.

Setting up services

wot the xvm fashion

Depending on which subscription you arehave issued, in the settings menu you will be offered the services available for you, which you can activate. The process is extremely simple - before you will be a list, before each item which you can tick. This will mean that the next time you start the World of Tanks, this function is automatically activated - that's how you can run both statistics and other features, such as comments, a chance to win, and so on. Any experienced tankman is aware of how important WoT modes are. XVM among them is in the first place, and if you dream of success, then you can not do without it.


When you once again visit the sitemodification, the menu will always show the amount of time that you have left to use the XVM. Thus, you can always control how much more you can continue to fight on improved conditions. However, this does not mean that after the expiry of the term you will have to continue to play on the old settings. You can renew your subscription at any time to avoid returning to the default settings, and continue to enjoy all the wonderful features that this modification provides to you. If you use it once, customize the game to your taste and get constant access to statistics, then you will immediately understand that it is impossible to play without the XVM, as this is one of the most important tools for achieving victory in the "World of Tanks". You can install other modifications. You can not use them at all. But XVM - this is something without which no competent literary tanker will manage.