Sometimes in "Maynkraft" there is a needa good explosion - then you will definitely need knowledge about the creation of explosives. Because it is with her help that you can inflict maximum damage over a large area. The most popular explosive in "Maynkraft" is dynamite, but this only applies to the original game. If you have a popular extension "Industrial Craft", then here you have a much wider choice. And the most powerful explosive is a nuclear bomb, which must be used very carefully. In this article, you will learn how to do and how a nuclear bomb is used in the Meincraft. Since this is a very dangerous item, you need to observe all possible precautions, both when crafting, and when applying.

Craft of a nuclear bomb

nuclear bomb in maynkraft

So, the first thing you need to do is find out,how exactly a nuclear bomb is being created at Meincraft. For this, there is a special recipe that you need to remember. First, gather the necessary components that you will use. In the center of everything will be an improved hull mechanism, to which you will need to add two improved chips, as well as six thickened neutron reflectors. Of all this, you will get a full-fledged nuclear bomb, which can be used immediately after manufacture. It is worth noting that in earlier versions the recipe was different - there you had to combine gunpowder with enriched uranium. Therefore, if you do not get a bomb in the Maincrafter, then it's worth checking out which version of the mod is installed. And in accordance with this information to choose the necessary recipe.

Using a bomb

explosion of a nuclear bomb in maynkraft

As in the case of dynamite, a nuclear bomb in"Maynkraft" is activated very simply. You can turn it on manually, but you will only have fifteen seconds to leave the affected area, which is very small, since the zone is extremely large. Therefore, it is recommended to use different devices to activate the bomb - for example, you can turn it on using a wire from a redstone, or you can blow up dynamite next to it. In general, you have several options for activating this type of explosive, but in any case, you should definitely take care of your safety, because if you find yourself in the zone of defeat without a special suit, you will instantly die. Also, you can build a wall two blocks high from a fortified stone - then a nuclear bomb explosion in Maynkraft will not bring you such a large loss.


nuclear bomb in maynkraft 1 5 2

The nuclear bomb in Maynkraft 1. 5. 2 "and other versions is a very powerful weapon that has a huge zone of destruction and destroys everything in its path.Of course, you can use it to extract resources, but you should understand that three quarters of the blown up blocks will be destroyed completely without bringing Moreover, a very impressive crater remains from the nuclear bomb, and the earth can not be restored, so use a nuclear bomb with the mind, since it is too powerful and carries huge destruction.


In the latest version of the mod nuclear bombhas received a very impressive improvement. Now you can control the power of the explosion, enriching it with a different number of elements. The minimum quantity is eight, it is suitable for a small (relative to the power of a nuclear bomb) explosion. As much as possible, you can supply one bomb at once with 64 elements to get an incredible explosion of power. If the elements are less than eight, then the bomb simply does not explode. Thus, you decide how powerful your bomb will be.