Keyboard spy is not some kind ofweapons for hackers, or a kind of tool to control all sorts of secret organizations, but is the standard means of ensuring personal safety, which is required for almost every citizen. Especially such software is necessary in the event that its device is accessed by several people.

However, over time, the demand for such utilitiesso increased that their development began to deal with a variety of companies, and not every keylogger is suitable in certain situations. It is for this reason that it is best to decide in advance what features and benefits each individual program has.



This is a keylogger that is completelyrecords all pressed keys, while carefully encrypting the recorded data. Among other things, it is worth considering that the program provides the ability to view logs remotely.

Like any similar program, this utilitykeeps track of texts of any types of e-mail, as well as messages in various devices. Also the program records all possible changes in text files, the data that people enter on web pages, mouse clicks, the names of the windows that are opened, and the time when various programs start and close. It should be noted that this software also saves typed user passwords and many other elements.


Enter the correct settings can be using the Wizard, which immediately flashes before your eyes after the program is installed on the hard drive.

It should be noted that the utility is detected quite actively by almost any antivirus program, so do not think that you will be able to use it secretly.

Ardamax Keylogger

keylogger for android

The scope of the program is quite standard forutilities of this class and is 392 KB. The utility itself is quite an average and easy-to-use keyboard spy. The program automatically tracks and saves constantly keystrokes from the keyboard, concurrently indicating the time, the name of the program in which the data was input, and the title of the window. It should be noted that the software can work completely invisibly, since it has the functions of stealth: files, automatic loading, task manager and many others. If it is necessary to work invisibly, the system is started and controlled by hot keys, and logs can simply be sent to a certain electronic mailbox or server.

How is it determined?

In this case, antiviruses do not work that wayactive, so you can use this program secretly. The interface is extremely accessible and understandable. The only drawback is that the program is paid and is quite expensive.

Actual Spy

 Keylogger in Russian

In addition to the opportunities that are provided to youany keylogger for Android and other operating systems, this utility also has a lot of additional options. The most interesting among all can be called the ability to take screenshots from the screen in a certain period of time, so you can find a graphic password, various graphic restrictions on access to certain Internet services that the tracking object used, as well as many other interesting moments.

In addition, it should be noted that the program differs a number of other special features, such as:

  • Recording start and close times for programs.
  • Distinguishing the register of pressed keys.
  • Tracking the contents of the clipboard.
  • Control over the operation of printers.
  • Monitoring the file system of the computer.
  • Interception of visited sites.
  • Much more.

The log files of this utility are encrypted, after whichthe report is generated in a fairly convenient html-format or text notepad. It is also possible to send to a certain electronic box, server, computer through a local network. You can also set your own password to view logs.

All in moderation

For ease of use separatelya restriction on the size of text logs or screenshots is established, since the latter occupy much more memory than a text file. In addition, you can set a limit on the size of the clipboard. If too much information is copied there, only the part that was specified will be remembered.

Probably the best keylogger among all the proposed for today.

Convenience and safety

keylogger in Russian

First of all, it should be noted that thisthe program is the most extensive among all that you can meet today on the Internet, but in fact only in the description everything looks scary, in fact, the keyboard spy for Android has a volume of only 1.51 MB. Special attention should be paid to what domestic producers produce, so it is not so difficult to understand the interface of the program, as it may seem at first glance.

Anti-viruses safely ignore the occurrence of such a utility in the system, although some of them can signal that certain executable processes are suspicious.


spyware program

"Elite keylogger" is a completeA standard utility that perfectly implements a standard set of functions. Visited sites, e-mail messages, keystrokes, the time of activation and shutdown of various programs, passwords - all this is carefully recorded and stored in the logs of the utility, after which its owner can thoroughly examine the content. In addition, this program carefully tracks the documents sent by the user to the self-print.

This keylogger is famous amongusers by the fact that antiviruses practically do not determine the program itself, nor any processes that are implemented by it. It is not necessary to run this utility beforehand, it can automatically be activated with the operating system, it even starts a little earlier to determine the login and password that are entered during the Windows boot process. It should be noted right away that the program can not be deleted if the user does not know the administrator's specialized password. Also, you can not say that this keylogger is in Russian, it can not be found, since it does not appear in the tray, does not display any windows, and in principle does not do anything that could give out its work.

The program defines, and also demonstratesPressing not only any standard keys, numbers and letters. In addition, the keystrokes such as Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and many others are tracked. It should be noted that the utility looks at all the operations in the browser in detail, that is, it fixes the links that the user enters into the browser, monitors which pages the various fields and forms were filled with, and also remembers the headers and links in browsers.

Features and security

keylogger windows 7

Immediately it is necessary to say that the utility is differenta huge number of different nuances and features. When installing, you should pay attention to what you are installing - a hidden installation or the utility itself, because then you can suffer for a very long time trying to delete. The utility itself is characterized by an incredibly large number of various settings, so it will be necessary to understand it in detail.

For example, you can set the screen capture modeso that the utility automatically takes pictures of high quality at certain time intervals or at certain events. This is a particularly useful feature, since it ensures high program efficiency in most situations. It is worth noting that you can configure a fully automatic screen capture in the same way as with standard surveillance cameras, and if no action is taken, the screen saver is temporarily suspended, no duplicates will be made. Thus, you will not come across a situation where, when looking at the log, you will need to look through a huge number of pictures in search of something that might interest you.

It should be noted that the use of this program can not detect even most of the utilities that are called antikeyloggers, not to mention anti-virus.

Completely automatic removalobsolete files after the log exceeds a certain mark. If necessary, you can customize everything at your own discretion and needs, and also, for example, indicate that you can clean only after a full report has been generated that will be sent by e-mail. Also, reports can be sent via FTP or stored in a networked environment.

The Rat

Keylogger for windows

The program is written in standard assembler,so this keylogger for Windows takes only 13 KB. However, despite the size, the program can automatically monitor the keystrokes in various password windows or the console, it monitors the clipboard, and also has a huge number of other standard functions.

The utility is equipped with a specialized fastenerfiles, which allows almost completely to exclude the possibility of detecting source files by their signatures. There is also an own text editor that allows you to conveniently work with dump files, solving the problem of conversion to Cyrillic or cleaning from all sorts of "garbage".

In fact, by activating on your computera certain version of this program, we see an application that configures the operation of the utility. The result of this setup is an executable file - a multifunctional keylogger (Windows 7). Passwords and other text data entered by the user are saved to the log completely automatically, and even after the system reboots the utility will continue to work. You can remove it from the computer only with the help of a specialized configurator-configurator, as well as hot keys.

Do they detect antivirus software?

The developer stated that this keyboarda spy in Russian is completely invisible for anti-viruses and special programs that track similar "keyloggers". To the full version, most anti-viruses are completely indifferent, but at the same time, a free program is almost immediately determined. The keylogger also offers a lot of settings, but it's not so easy to view the log as it might seem at first glance.

Of course, the functionality is far behind from any serious utilities. However, if you need a keylogger on the computer just for your reference, then this utility will do just fine.