Today we will talk about the game Skyforge. System requirements to it will be given below, as well as a brief description. The creator of the project is the studio Allods Team with the support of Obsidian Entertainment.


First, let's talk about the game itself Skyforge,system requirements will be given in the following sections of this material. The action takes place in a fictional world. Our character should overcome a difficult path. The world consists of numerous planets. In this case, each is not similar to the others.

skyforge system requirements

The story begins on Elyon - this is the most beautifulfrom the planets. Order and peace reigned here for a long time. And one day Eli, the local god, disappeared without a trace. The extraterrestrial invaders took advantage of this, which now raids, taking away the lives of local residents. The heroes who stood up for the defense of the planet oppose lawlessness. Death does not have power over them. We have to join the ranks of soldiers in order to restore order. Initially, there are 3 classes available: the light keeper, paladin and cryomant. In the future, as the plot develops, new ones are opened. At the same time, you can change your class at any time and continue the game without having to start everything from scratch. We will receive new skills from a special atlas, where they will appear after passing the next task. The game process is divided into 3 main directions. So, we have to win the faith among followers, study atlas and get equipment. Gradually we will receive various necessary resources. To fight a dangerous creature, you must keep eye contact with it. During this time, the enemy is highlighted.

Game Skyforge: minimum system requirements

skyforge minimum system requirements
The project implemented the most modern graphics. However, developers managed to optimize Skyforge effectively. System requirements, thus, turned out to be very democratic. So, we need at least 2 gigabytes of RAM. The processor frequency of AMD or Intel should be 2 GHz or more. As the video card is suitable GeForce GT 620. To install the game requires at least 10 gigabytes of free space on the hard disk. As an operating system, you can use any current version of Windows. You will also need a connection to the network, the speed of which must be at least 256 kb / s.

Game Skyforge: system requirements - maximum

skyforge system requirements maximum
To ensure the most correct operationeach of the elements, as well as obtaining extremely colorful graphics, we will need more productive equipment. In this case, you need 8 gigabytes of RAM. As a video card, the GeForce GTX 660 is ideal, or even more productive. In this case, you can use the processor from both Intel and AMD authorship, the main thing is that its frequency reaches 2 GHz. Requirements for free disk space remain the same - 10 gigabytes. The same applies to the operating system, any version of Windows, starting with the 7th, will do. As for the connection to the Network, its speed is better to increase to 1 GB / s. So we figured out the features of Skyforge, the system requirements and a brief description of the game were given above.