It is unlikely that now there will be a gamer who does notimagine what a first-person shooter is? This genre of computer games was one of the earliest, so managed to win incredible popularity. Its essence lies in the fact that you are invited to play the role of the main character, only at the same time you will look at the game world with his eyes. Accordingly, you will aim and fire in the same way, which, in fact, constitutes the main meaning of such games. Naturally, you have to move around the world, solve various problems, in some cases act silently and so on, that is, the genre offers you an incredible variety. What are the first person shooters on the computer? What can I recommend in the first place? Which of them are the most outstanding today?

Bioshock Game Series

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Shooting from the first person - it's verya common genre, so it will be very difficult to choose the best among them for all time. Therefore, it is easier to identify the most outstanding and landmark projects, which greatly influenced the development of the FPS genre as such and the development of the gaming industry as a whole. And first of all it is worth noting the series game Bioshock, which literally turned the understanding of the shooter. Firstly, in all three games there is an unforgettable and magnificent story story, for which it is already worth playing in Bioshock. But separately it is worth highlighting the fact that in this game for the first time the elements of the shooter and role-playing game were mixed. Now you can not only shoot weapons, but also use special abilities, pump them to make your passage more fascinating. Earlier shooters from the first person completely corresponded to the name - you explored the game world and shot. Now, more and more projects have started appearing, which introduce the role-playing system into a regular shooter.

Far Cry Series

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Another revolutionary project, which is stillis one of the most recognized - it's Far Cry. Than this game was noteworthy when it was on sale? First of all, it revolutionized the graphic plan. Previously it was believed that the essence of the shoot was in the process, in action, in shootings and drive. However, the first part of this series completely changed this idea - the whole environment was worked out in incredible detail, landscapes from Far Cry at that time were considered one of the most magnificent. After that, other computer games of this genre began to pay more attention not only to the action, but also to the environment. However, that's not all. With each new game in the series, the gamer was given more and more freedom, it was Far Cry that introduced the concept of the open world into the genre of first-person shooters. You no longer need to carry out individual missions or advance on a pre-designated plot, you can explore the game world, perform additional tasks and so on. Shooting games from the first person earlier offered gamers basically only a linear plot. Far Cry was able to give much more.

Left 4 Dead 2

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You could pay attention to the fact that in the lastthe time of shooting games from the first person is increasingly being issued not for a single, but for a cooperative passage. The first swallow in this direction was the zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2, which turned out to be a real masterpiece. The peculiarity of this project, as well as those that followed it, is that in a single mode you either will not be able to play in principle, or you will not be very interested. The fact that the passage is designed for a couple or a team of gamers who are successful at helping each other - they can heal each other, share weapons, raise a partner if he was knocked down, and so on. It was after this project began to appear numerous shooters on the PC from the first person, who were created for the cooperative passage, or in the standard shooters co-operative moments were introduced.

Half Life Series

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If it is a question of first-person shooters, thenit is impossible not to recall the Half Life project, which really became revolutionary. This game is deservedly considered the best in its genre in the history of gaming. It was Half Life that set the direction for the development of games such as first-person shooters. And it is not known how this genre would look and if it existed at all, if not for this series.