If you play in GTA 5, then you already know thatin some places this game is extremely difficult. Some tasks have to start from the beginning time after time, in order to finally deal with them or simply postpone their passage for an indefinite period. And at such moments, many gamers are thinking about how great it would be to get immortality for at least a couple of minutes. Then it would be possible to quickly and efficiently deal with all the opponents, get to the right point, fulfill all the necessary conditions and move further along the story line, having received your reward. Fortunately, in this game there is such an opportunity. This means that you can use the cheat code for immortality without problems. In "GTA 5" there are several different ways to introduce cheats, so you will need to consider each of them in detail. Naturally, you can choose the method that suits you best, but you still need to know about the existence of each of them. So, what does the code for immortality look like in GTA 5? And how do you enter cheats in this game? Let's understand.

cheat code for immortality in gta 5

Using the console

Before you learn how to enter the cheat code onimmortality in "GTA 5", you should familiarize yourself with the ways of introducing codes in this popular third-person shooter. The easiest way is to use a special cheat console. To do this, you need to press the "~" key, which is used to call the console in most modern projects. As a result, you will see a line in front of you, into which you need to enter those cheats that interest you. This is the most accessible method that most gamers use. However, it is not the only one, therefore, before considering in detail all about the cheat code for immortality in "GTA 5", it is necessary to look at other ways of introducing cheats in this game.

Using your phone

cheat codes on GTA 5 on pc

If you want to use cheat codes on GTA 5on a PC, then you should know about one more way of introducing them. To do this, you will need your gaming phone. If you have already played in GTA 4, then you must remember this method. Your character uses the phone to call other characters, receive messages about tasks and so on. But it can also be considered as a tool for introducing cheats. The fact is that every cheat in this game has its own "phone number", which you can enter into your modern and stylish smartphone. To do this, you need to get it by pressing the up arrow.

When you see a smartphone screen, youyou need to go to the Contacts tab and click on the space bar. Then enter the numeric code that activates the cheat you want, confirming it by pressing the space again. Yes, it can be said that this is a much less convenient way than the one described above, but it has one very significant advantage. The fact is that you can reactivate the code that was used by the last one, literally with one click. You just need to click on the "star", so that the last used cheat is displayed on the smartphone's screen, which you can only confirm by pressing the spacebar. As you can see, cheat codes on "GTA 5" on a PC can be entered in two different ways, which have their advantages and disadvantages. But what about consoles?

cheat code for infinite immortality gta 5

Cheats on the console

If you play on the Xbox console or justdecided to connect to the computer gamepad, then you will need to learn another way to use cheats. In this case, you just need to press the buttons on the gamepad in a certain sequence, which is much more convenient than the two previous methods, but remembering some combinations will not be easy. But if you can train your fingers on several key cheats, then you will be able to use them quickly and effectively. Naturally, these cheats should include the one that gives you immortality, because, like in most other computer games, it is one of the most effective.

Cheat for immortality

Immortality in GTA 5 on xbox

Well, now that you know everything about the introductioncheats in this game, it's time to turn to a specific code that interests every gamer - to the code for immortality. As you can understand from its name, it gives your character complete invulnerability, so that you do not get any damage from either your opponents or anything else. Immediately it is worth noting that the cheat code for infinite immortality in "GTA 5" is missing. He was replaced by invulnerability, which lasts only five minutes. Of course, this happens a little, but in most cases, when you can not pass one particular moment, this happens more than enough.

What can I do to get this invulnerability? If you use the first method, which was discussed in this article, that is, the game console, the password for immortality in "GTA 5" is as follows: PAINKILLER. When you enter this word into the console, press Enter, and if you do not make any mistakes, you will see the message "Enabled cheat code" on the screen. Nowhere on the screen the time counter will not be displayed, so you yourself need to make sure that your five-minute immortality is not turned off in the midst of a serious fight.

Phone number

password for the immortality of GTA 5

As you could already understand, the use of the console -this is not the only way to get immortality in this game. You can always reach the phone and enter the desired phone number to make your character invulnerable. This phone number is as follows: 1-999-724-654-5537. As mentioned earlier, the advantage of this option is that you can after five minutes, when invulnerability is over, get the phone, press a couple of buttons and activate it again. Of course, in the midst of a fight, getting a phone will not be very convenient, so you still need to take care of the timer, no matter what method of introducing cheats on the PC you use.

Immortality on the console

Well, the last thing to talk about isThe immortality in "GTA 5" on the Xbox. Here you can neither call the console nor use the phone effectively, but you can always remember a specific combination of buttons that will give you the desired effect. If you want your character to become immortal, you need to use the appropriate combination: Right, A, Right, Left, Right, Right Bumper, Right, Left, A "," Y ". This is by far not the most difficult combination, so you can easily remember it and be able to use it at the right time.