Most owners of office equipmentknow what a scanner is and the process of scanning. However, many novice users are not familiar with this operation. Let's try to figure out how to scan a photo on a computer.

What is a scanner?

A scanner is a device that analyzes any photo, picture or text, after which it creates a digital copy of this object. Next, you need to save it as a file.

The process of obtaining such a digital copy is called scanning.

How to scan a photo on a computer?

Scanning methods

There are several options for scanning:

  • the Paint program;
  • universal scanning with Windows from the item "Devices and printers";
  • FastStoneImage VieWer;
  • using the scanner software;
  • WinScan2PDF;
  • program "ScanCorrector".

Let's dwell on each of the mentioned methods, and learn how to scan photos on the scanner.

Through "Devices and printers"

If you are a novice user of the scanner or MFP, then the method is easier, you can not scan photos to a computer like this, you will not find:

  • start;
  • "Devices and printers";
  • choose the scanner;
  • "Start scanning";
  • "Scan".
    How to scan a photo on a printer?

Scanner Software

Comes with any scanner or MFP is suppliedSoftware (software) for performing operations provided by this device. In addition, this software usually includes installation drivers and other additional programs for editing images. It is not difficult to use them.

We go into the program through a shortcut on the desktop. Then proceed according to the prompts of your scanner directly, because for different models the settings and scanning process may differ.

Paint program

This program is in any computer, in the "Standard" folder. Consider how to scan a photo on a printer or scanner with it.

  1. Turn on the scanner and put the desired photo on its glass.
  2. Open the Paint program, and from the "File" menu select "From scanner or camera".
  3. In the window that appears, select the type of image to be scanned and click "Scan".
  4. Usually the device warms up for a few seconds, after which the scanning process begins. When it is finished, a scanned image appears in the window.
  5. Save the received photo in the desired folder, having previously chosen the format and name.

The question of how to add a photo to a computer is resolved.

How do I scan a photo on my scanner?

FastStoneImage VieWer

Using this program, you do not need to put separate energy-intensive applications for scanning.

Run and installed the program from the desktop. From the "File" menu, select "Obtain an image from the scanner" and click the "Scan" button. Place the document in the device, select the type of image.

After the photo is scanned, save it to the correct folder on the computer.

In addition, in this program, you can easily perform many operations to edit the resulting image.

Scanitto Pro

A handy utility for scanning photos and documents, which is used for Windows. It has various editing functions for scanned images.

Scanitto Pro software provides exceptional quality of photos scanned using the TWAIN driver device. It is quite simple even for users with a minimum level of preparation.

Scanitto Pro will serve as a single solution for scanning, recognizing or copying photos and texts.

Here are some advantages of this program:

  • scanned images are saved in JPG, BMP, JP2, TIFF or PNG formats;
  • the ability to change the order of pages;
  • determining the boundaries of the scanned material automatically;
  • the ability to search for converted images in PDF;
  • convenient adjustment of resolution, color modes and sizes;
  • Selecting the scan area manually.
  • automatic and fast text recognition;
  • support 6 languages ​​recognition.

WinScan2PDF program

This small program, which does not requireinstallation, with the help of any installed scanner will help to scan various documents and photos on your computer in PDF format. It perfectly copes with the tasks and is easy to use.

How can I scan a photo on my computer using WinScan2PDF?

  1. Download and run the program.
  2. Click "From where".
  3. Select the scanner and click the "Scan" button.
  4. The normal scanner settings window opens. After selecting the necessary settings, continue scanning.
  5. After the scanned image appears, click "in PDF" and save the document.

How to add photos to your computer

The ScanCorrector program

The Scan Corrector utility is designed forfast and convenient scanning of photos and documents. Using the color, contrast and brightness functions, the program will correct the scanned file, improving its appearance. The advantage of the program in its small size and the lack of installation.

This will allow you to have it with you permanently, on any removable media, and use as needed.

The program is designed for a wide range of users and does not require additional specialized knowledge.