Every year the production of computer gamesgaining new momentum. There are more and more modern technologies that allow you to create real masterpieces that visually differ little from reality. However, at the same time, indie games are gaining popularity now, which return to the eight-bit graphics and pixelated image. This is a budget solution for start-up companies that will not be able to compete with giants at their level. "Maynkraft" is one of these games, with the most successful. Many users like eight-bit graphics, because of it they prefer this project. But there are also a large number of people who would not refuse serious visual changes. To do this, in one of the new versions were introduced shaders, "Maynkraft" can now change its appearance at the request of the player.

Shaders in computer games

Many gamers have often heard this name,especially when it comes to modern games. But not everyone understands what shaders are. "Maincraft" introduced them in version 1. 7. 2, but before that they were generally inaccessible, so the appearance of the game was always the same. Now it can be changed with the help of these shaders.

shaders maynkraft

In fact, everything is pretty simple - shaderscalled special graphics programs that finally correct the appearance of three-dimensional models, giving them realism - adding shadows, glare, smooth outlines and other visual effects that can make the image more believable. Naturally, even with the shaders "Maincrafter" does not pretend to visual realism, but with them the picture becomes much more pleasant, bright and saturated. But how to apply this remarkable innovation? First of all you need to download the version of the game 1. 7. 2, since the shaders of "Meincraft" saw only starting from it.

Activation of basic shaders

assembly of maincraft with shaders

After this a completely logical question arises: where to get the shaders? "Maynkraft" provides you with a whole set of original programs to change the appearance of the game. To access them, you need to look in the menu and select the item of super-secret settings. So your attention will be presented to twenty samples of changing the graphics of the game, from which you can choose the one that you like more.

Basic shaders from developers

how to install shader on maincraft

There are serious options that, for example,smooth the edges so that the overall picture is more pleasant, or they paint the objects so that they appear to be three-dimensional. You can also increase the color saturation, slightly blur edges, and so on. There are more radical shaders, which are suitable only for fans of very original solutions. For example, you can make all the blocks in the game black, and only their edges will be highlighted. In the end, you can even turn the image on the screen and run upside down - choose you. But still twenty shaders - this is a very small choice, especially when among them a large number of simply funny, which, unfortunately, on an ongoing basis will not apply. Therefore, if you want to seriously change and improve the appearance of the game, then you will need to build a "Maincrafter" with shaders.

Third-party assemblies with shaders

It all began with twenty options proposeddevelopers in version 1. 7. 2. But then people began to diversify this collection, creating their own shaders, which can then be added to the game. Immediately it is worth responding to one of the most popular questions - how to install shaders on "Maincrafter". If the standard options by default, everything was clear, then everything is not so simple. You have to download assemblies from the network, select those shaders that you like, and unpack them into the game folder.

to install shaders on maynkraft

After not the most difficult manipulations, you canactivate new shaders, which will change your whole world of "Maincraft". Naturally, people create a wide variety of shaders, so you will have plenty to choose from. You can add realistic sun to the game, shadows that will move depending on its location in the sky, you can make the grass and leaves move in the wind and so on. If you properly look, you can easily find a whole collection that will turn your client into a visual masterpiece. But do not rush to install shaders on the "Maincraft" in large quantities, because each of them loads your computer a little.

Performance Impact

Modern computer games are largely due toTheir incredible graphics require high performance from computers. Therefore, even a five-year-old machine can be called obsolete, since five years ago, the technologies that are used now are not used. And if in itself "Maincrafter" is not particularly demanding of resources due to its minimalistic graphics, then the shaders, naturally, will load the processor. So do not get carried away with improvements, as a result you can not restart the game.