Multitronics TC 750 is a coloron-board computer, equipped with a TFT display with a resolution of 320x240 and a diagonal of 2.4 inches. If necessary, the user can independently customize the color design of the display, switching between several color schemes. The powerful 32-bit processor allows the Multitronics TC 750 to work as quickly and accurately as possible. Installation of the onboard computer is carried out on the torpedo and provides direct protection from direct sunlight with the aid of a specialized sun visor.

Why is it needed?

multitronics tc 750

With the Multitronics TC 750,support for a huge number of various original and universal protocols designed for car diagnostics. Thanks to this, it can be installed on virtually any machine, regardless of their brand and manufacturer. Even if the vehicle diagnostic protocol is not supported by this device, there is a function to connect to the speed sensor and injector, after which even more functions are opened.

This device has about 200 differentECU diagnosis parameters suitable for most of the original protocols, this includes the ECU service records, as well as the passport at the level of the diagnostic scanner. The freeze frame information is read in case of an error in the operation of the entire electronic system, the state of the machine control systems from the standard protocol without the need to switch to the OBD-2 protocol. In this case, not only a thorough diagnosis of errors is carried out, various parameters of ABS, double-glazed windows and many other additional devices are also checked.

What are its advantages?

First of all, its plus is, of course,that he supports the largest number of diagnostic protocols for modern cars. As mentioned above, in the case of connecting to the speed sensors or the injector, a huge number of functions are delayed even if, for some reason, the car does not support a specific diagnostic protocol. A separate advantage that the Multitronics TC 750 onboard computer has is a connection that is simpler than the VC731.

The device is simultaneousdiagnostics of the car with more than 30 additional parameters, and the device itself is equipped with 11 on-board systems that influence the composition of the exhaust of the car. Special attention should be paid to extremely simple configuration, as the configuration can be changed and saved quickly, using standard PC programs if necessary. To connect the device to a PC, you need to use a mini-USB cable.


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Most preferences forcan be edited and saved using a specialized program from a standard personal computer. Also, if necessary, you can completely transfer recorded travel statistics to a separate personal computer in order to subsequently import into various programs, through which detailed analysis and statistics are maintained for a certain period of time.

Any settings for this computer in the case ofthe need can be saved to a separate file on the user's computer, which opens the possibility for the exchange of various configuration files between users who are drivers of the same cars. After all the required calibrations are carried out on the same machine, the prepared file can be transferred to other users who are drivers of similar machines.

Connection Features

The Multitronics TC 750 is connectedexclusively to the diagnostic socket in the majority of cars. It should be noted that this on-board computer provides for simultaneous connection of two parking radars located in the front and rear of the car. It is also possible to simultaneously connect the parking sensors of a specific model, that is, the combination of different devices is impossible.

Additional functions

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Among the additional features, special attentionshould be given voice accompaniment modes and all parameters, that is, you can pronounce their numerical values. Also worthy of attention is 21 voice warning about all sorts of accidents or outages beyond the facilities.

In the event that the electronic system of the carthe on-board computer not only warns the driver that the problem has occurred, but also provides detailed information about the error code and how it is decrypted. Thus, the driver will immediately have information about whether you need to eliminate the cause of the problem immediately or continue driving, and only then to deal with this issue.

Hot Menu

This function allows you to get the maximumQuick access to various applications that are in the "Installation Displays". The user has the ability to customize this composition at his own discretion, while pressing a single button to call a complete list of available settings and functions that are located in different places in this menu. In addition, there are also four completely independent menus for the Parking, Taximeter, Medium and Parameters applications.

It is worth noting the fact that the on-board computerMultitronics TC 750 provides information only on two parameter charts, but you can use the specialized function "Countdown", which allows you to switch over graphs and determine if necessary the numerical values ​​of parameters in the past tense, or to compare them among themselves.

The highest accuracy is present inthe process of monitoring fuel consumption or a parameter such as the duration of injection. In the event that there is a serious change in these characteristics, the driver is immediately given a warning, as well as the numerical value of the change in fuel quality.

What else can this computer do?

multitronics tc 750 dimensions

On-board computer Multitronics TC 750 alwayswarns the driver if he is trying to start the trip without the passing beam on, and also makes a warning if the dimensions were not turned off after the end of the trip. It is envisaged that the computer can be used together with special gas equipment, thus ensuring an extremely accurate calculation of fuel consumption, taking into account a separate gas correction.

Customizing the Multitronics TC 750 allowsUse it as an oscilloscope in the event that a dedicated optional cable is connected to it. This allows detailed observation and analysis of signals received from various circuits and sensors directly on the display, while all information can be stored and transferred to the user's personal computer.

If you can compare the recorded signal withstandard, you will have an additional opportunity to conduct diagnostics of all the units of the car in the event that there are any difficult to diagnose problems, such as shorting, wear, jamming and many others. In its capabilities, such an oscilloscope is extremely similar to a standard desktop solution, since it is possible to control the trigger, sweep and change the time intervals.


About Multitronics TC 750 user reviewsleave positive. Many people say that the device has a lot of function, and also works stably for a long time, which is a problem for most other similar devices.

In particular, about Multitronics TC 750 reviewsusers are as follows. They note that this is a worthwhile thing. Shows all necessary and even not the most important information, while it determines and recites various errors, which allows you to immediately reset them. Works without any problems. Connection to the X-Trail takes 20 minutes.

How is the installation carried out?

on-board computer multitronics tc 750 reviews

In the Multitronics TC 750, the dimensions allowinstall this computer in almost any car, which is perfectly combined with its multifunctionality and other features. At the same time, it should be noted that the installation of this device is also quite simple, and almost every car enthusiast will be able to cope with it, who are familiar with the peculiarities of their car and have a little knowledge of electronics.


  1. The main computer module is assembledMultitronics TC 750. The instruction says that you first need to insert the module into the insert, after which you already have to install the clamping frame and screw the structure with three screws.
  2. A loop is carried into the window located on the computer case.
  3. The loop is connected to the Multitronics TC 750 and the case is closed.
  4. Carefully degrease the place of gluing, after which the on-board computer is glued to the installation site using a double-sided tape, supplied with the device.
  5. The interface cable and parktronics (if there is one available) are laid under the lining, after which the computer is connected in accordance with the electrical scheme.

How to connect the parking radar?

 tuning multitronics tc 750

If necessary, you can also connectparking radar to Multitronics TC 750. On which machines the on-board computer was installed, in this case it has absolutely no value. The connection procedure itself is carried out to the two end contacts of the additional connector. It is worth noting the fact that in this case, the marked side of the connector should go to the main connector of the on-board computer.

In this case, if a model is installedRT-4TC, then the installation procedure is disconnected. This device is connected to the contacts of the additional connector (from the second to the fourth), and the marked side of the connector must necessarily be facing the edge of the on-board computer.

In the event that the connection is madesimultaneously two parktronics, located behind and in front, then in this case the connection of loops is carried out in parallel. The possibility of simultaneous connection of party members of only a certain model is envisaged.

Select Protocol

Initially, it will be necessary to withstand severalseconds of pause after the Multitronics TC 750 is connected to the diagnostic socket. The device can be installed on different cars, but if after installation it is not turned on and the engine starts, the device will go into standby mode and after a certain time completely turn off any backlight.

When the engine starts, the on-board computerstarts to automatically detect the protocol, but if this does not happen, then in this case you will have to do it manually through the "Settings display". To do this, the ignition again turns off, and again pauses before the display turns off in the computer. This is done as follows:

  • "Sources";
  • "Specific flow channel";
  • "Hand.";
  • "Duct.";
  • the protocol you need is selected, then the "SET" button is pressed.

It should be noted that in some protocolsit is also possible to configure additional parameters that will affect the operation of the computer during the diagnostics process. This feature is often noted about Multitronics TC 750 user reviews.


multitronics tc 750 user guide

It is highly recommended after selecting the protocolcheck the correctness. To do this, the engine is started, then the menu "Display Parameters" is selected and the "SET" button selects the display with the specified parameter. To verify the validity of the test, it is necessary to pay attention to such characteristics as engine speed and temperature.

If these parameters areyou should repeat the above points in full, and in particular select a new type and subtype of the protocol, or change the type of errors and other parameters if they are present in the version you have chosen. Only after these procedures it will be possible to completely change the protocol to a new one.

Be sure to check whether thesuch a characteristic as "Instantaneous fuel consumption" in the process of changing engine speed. Before the calibration is performed, you can not rely on the numerical values ​​of the instantaneous flow rate and speed that you received, since they must be customized for each car individually.

If you selected all protocols, but at the same timenone of them shows the correct parameters of your car, it means that the diagnostic protocol of your car is not supported, so you can work with the device only in universal mode.

Display of the remaining fuel

If necessary, the multitronics tc 750 on-board computer, which you can read about above, displays the rest of the fuel in three different ways.

In the "Settlement" mode is not presentthe need for a direct connection to the fuel level sensor, that is, the user constantly adjusts the fuel reading in the tank, and then the computer during the driving process will calculate the balance by subtracting the consumed fuel. This mode differs extremely high accuracy, since there is no dependence on the serviceability of the fuel sensor, the voltage of the on-board network or the position of the vehicle.

The DUT regime provides for mandatoryconnection of the device to the fuel sensor of your vehicle, but the ECU ECU mode no longer requires this connection. The voltage of the DUT in this case is read directly from the diagnostic line. It is worth noting the fact that in these modes the user does not have to manually enter the amount of fuel after each refueling, since the readings will be directly read from the fuel level sensor. Thus, the use of the "Calculated" mode is only relevant if, for some reason, the other two modes do not provide normal results while the on-board computer is running.

Among other things, in order to routecomputer Multitronics TC 750 worked properly and correctly calculated fuel consumption in the car in case of installation of gas equipment, it will be necessary to connect the device correctly, and then activate the special mode "Gas / Gasoline". In addition, you should manually reset the average parameters in each of the sections "Displays-Medium".