In today's article, we will touch on the passageseveral key levels of the new story add-on for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. While fans around the world are in a long wait for the continuation of all the favorite games, amateur developers are trying to create something new based on the original story.

Passage of "Stalker: Gold Ball or the Adventures of Zhekan "is a completely new story.In addition to the original story, players are waiting for a number of innovations: the mod has acquired a survival system, unique artifacts and many others.

Stalker golden ball or the adventures of the gourmet

Our guide to "Stalker: The Golden Ball or the Adventures of Zhekan" will help in the passage of two random locations that could cause minor difficulties for some users.

But first, let's talk about the storyline.


The second catastrophe leads to the fact thatThe Chernobyl exclusion zone begins to expand rapidly, covering vast territories. Naturally, this leads to increased mortality - every day the stalkers are lost and killed. Now scientists have to join forces with military forces to find out the true cause of the disaster. For this, numerous attacks are made to the Zone, but none of them has been able to bring any results. Those who managed to survive tell us that the changes that have touched the Zone are happening right before our eyes. The territory was filled with unexplored anomalous phenomena and mutated living organisms.

After some time, moreone stalker in the hope of finding an amazing artifact, known as the "Artist of Desires." But is it really so? Perhaps this stalker is driven by something else? The answers to these questions can be found during the passage of "Stalker: The Golden Ball or the Adventures of Jekan".

Goldfish stalker or the adventures of the cocktail

Location "Dump"

Carefully we make our way to the side of the car, whichlocated next to the transition to the Bar. In this case, it is necessary to move in such a way as to avoid the effect of cloud-anomalies on the hero. Stalker Vasily in the car will not be, but if you wait a little, he will certainly appear. From it we learn that on the way to Bar the minefield is forgiven, it is possible to get through it only with the help of an armored personnel carrier. But only it does not work. To repair it, you need a reducer, which can be found only in the Dark Valley.

On the way to a new location we encounter the Cloud- another dangerous anomaly. To go further, you will have to combine three different colored artifacts, which can be found with the help of a hint at the shelter.

Location "Dark Valley"

We continue the passage of "Stalker: The Golden Ball or the adventures of Zhekan. "At the crossing we are met by a scout named Seryoga, from whom we learn the story of the Pied Piper, and we get a lot of useful information about the reducer, then go to the factory and search the remains, after which our inventory will be replenished with a flamethrower, costume and empty canister. We read the note, then we examine the factory and find another canister.

Stalker of the golden ball or the adventures of the cock

Fuel can be taken in the same place, from the tank - ityou need to charge the flamethrower. Done! We put on a suit and fight with mutants. After the den is cleaned, we pick up the key and make our way to the shelter. We find there the remaining ammunition of the Pied Piper and the door leading to the laboratory, which is locked. In order to open it, you need to start the cutter, and then cut the blockage.

Major innovations

And in the end, "Stalker: Gold Ball or the adventures of Zhekan "is really worthwhile modification, which should be played by all the fans of the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And we, meanwhile, sum up the results and put together all the innovations and unique features:

  • The original story, telling about the adventures of stalker Zekan - a character with whom we have not met before.
  • Long duration quests.
  • New heroes and modes of transport.
  • Changed maps from the "Shadow of Chernobyl": now on the once familiar paths can hide all kinds of dangers.

Stalker golden ball or adventure gecko guide

  • Adding new gaming systems: now users can try their hand at Survival, Hunger, Thirst and Luck. Also the passage of "Stalker: The Golden Ball or the Adventures of Jekan" includes a unique system of achievements.
  • The basis for the creation of the mod became familiar to many players project OGSE0.6.9.2R2.
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