Hearthstone lovers know how to make their gameplay successful and effective. Those who just started to get acquainted with the card game, you need to carefully understand the cards, decks and techniques.

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Creating maps

In the game Hearthstone create a map you needbecause the probability of falling out is very small. For this, the developers took care of crafting. All this is done with magical dust. You can also receive it in simple ways, you just need to spray those cards that you no longer need.

When you went to your collection of Hearthstone,You can create a map only if you have the most magical dust there. Those heroes that have not yet got to you in the deck are displayed dimly. Those that you do not have, but which have enough dust, are highlighted in blue. So, to copy the desired card, you need to click on it and use the accumulated magical dust.

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But how do you know which cards can be sprayed? There are two options: either you are an experienced player and you yourself know which cards you need and which ones are not, or, entering the crafting section, you will see how the jar of dust will glow. You can click and the extra characters will be destroyed.

Many players also like to spray gold cards, which we'll talk about later.


In order to create a map in Hearthstone, you need to know andabout the cost of each. We remember that in the game there are ordinary, rare, epic and legendary cards. Basic can not be destroyed. So, if you have an extra ordinary, for it you will be given 5 units of dust. In the case of a rare card, you will be given 20 units of dust. For the epic will give 100 units. The legendary cost 400. In the case of crafting, you will need 40 dust for the ordinary, 100 for the rare, 400 for the epic, and 1600 for the legendary.

Learning the Decks

So, when you can create a Hearthstonecard, you need to think about the decks. There are a lot of them in the game. There are already established tactics, there are custom solutions. You can create decks for Hearthstone yourself. But it's worth noting those that are popular.

For example, your favorite hero is Jaina. There are several solutions for it, it can be a control-mage. This is a strong deck, which adjusts its composition from season to season. Nevertheless, it should have maps that help keep the pace of the game, which will stop the overactive hero and counter it with strong creatures. There is also a deck of agro-magician, which contains many jerks and aggressive maps.

Hunters recently meet withmechanisms, typing the largest number of mechanically-creatures in the deck, as well as the well-known Face-Hunt, which does not allow the opponent to swing, allowing the game to finish in several moves.

The Hearthstone deck can be completely unpredictable. And the newer and more interesting the meeting will be, the more fascinating the game will be.

Gold Cards

What other surprises did Hearthstone prepare? Gold cards do not differ from anything ordinary. They only receive a special appearance, become animated and acquire a golden glow. To receive a gold card it is possible also in several ways: either to receive it, having apnuv the hero, or to itself. Of course, sometimes you can get lucky, and gold will fall out to you from the packs. But this happens as rarely as in the case of the legendary maps. Most often, the presence of gold creatures or spells indicates the level of the player.

hearthstone gold cards

Legendary Cards

Sooner or later every player has a questionOn what a legendary map to create in Hearthstone. Here everything depends on what deck you have chosen, what tactics you decided to use. Legends have special powerful powers that far exceed conventional cards. It is impossible to select a specific top.

We give only a couple of the most usable andpopular maps. "Doctor Bum" is one of the universal legends that can disassemble everyone and everything on the playing field. In addition, "Boom" is suitable for any hero, the main thing is effective and correct application. "Sylvanas Windrunner" is great for a slow, measured game. The card has a mana of 6, health and damage from Sylvanas by 5. Therefore, even if it does not last long on the table, the enemy will have to spend a lot of creatures to defeat Windrunner.

"Emperor Thaurissan" is also quite stronga legend that can bring you victory. But it is worth noting that it is not suitable for any deck. Therefore, the main rule of this card is a successful application.

what a legendary map to create in the hearthstone

Another legend is the popular Lothib. It can also be sent to any deck. Even if you can not fully implement the map, you can easily strain the enemy stats. And the last legend we'll talk about is the powerful Ragnaros. A creature costs 8 mana, it has a stats of 8/8, but it can not attack. It only at the end of your turn attacks any enemy creature or the enemy itself by 8 points of damage.