how to insert a button on a laptop
We constantly use a mobile PC in our daily life. In it, the keyboard is that part of the device that takes most of the mechanical action.

The most common causes of breakdowns

The keyboard on a mobile PC has something like thisthe same structure as on a personal computer. It, like any device, is very sensitive to all kinds of pollution, animal hair, crumbs, and especially spilled liquid. After a certain time using the keyboard, the buttons on the mobile PC fail or simply fall off.

Also the cause of broken buttons on the mobile PCcan be a simple banal cleaning of the keyboard using a vacuum cleaner for these purposes. Or a small child can accidentally tear off a key. Also, the reason for such a breakdown may be pets that live with you. This also occurs quite often. But you do not need to immediately carry the laptop to repair. Very often you can do everything yourself.

how to make a button on a laptop

The structure of the button

Before you consider how to insert a button on a laptop, you need to know its structure and the features of the mount.

The button consists of the key itself, the mechanism of itsholding and springing element, by means of which it can be raised and lowered. Also there is a special film with pads and tracks.

The fastener consists of two parts. These two parts are fastened together in the center by small "antennae". They exit from the inside of the mount and are inserted into special grooves in the outer part. Thanks to this design, they can move when you press them. The button itself is attached to opposite sides.

General recommendations on how to insert a button on thethere is no laptop, since there are many well-known brands that produce keyboards. But we will consider the general principles that can be applied in most cases.

Consider how to insert a button on a laptop

If you have a button on your mobile PC,you need to panic right away. In many cases, the problem is solved on its own. At home, you can also solve the problem of how to insert a button into the laptop. To do this, it is enough to have a simple clip with you. Before you insert a button on the laptop to replace it, the old part needs to be removed from the keyboard. Working with buttons on a mobile PC requires more care, since they are flatter and can be damaged when pressed hard. The removal of the element occurs as follows. It is necessary to unbend the clip in a straight line and pass under the bottom platform of the key. Now you need to pull it on yourself, and the key will jump off its base.

how to put a button on a laptop
Now let's figure out how to insert a button on thelaptop provided that all the "antennae" located on the "rocker", and the grooves are not affected. This is the easiest way. To do this, the button must be set to the upper position on the base under the required fastening. Once it is in place, the key must be gently pinched.

It should be noted that you do not need to use force when setting the keys. Any pressing must be done smoothly and easily.

After installation, you need to carefully checkfastening of the replaced key. When buying new buttons, you need to specify whether they fit your laptop model. If you need to change a few details, it's best to do it gradually. Not to confuse the layout on the keyboard.

Before you insert a button on the laptop,It is necessary to carefully consider that the plastic fastening, which is located under the key itself, was in its place. At once it may seem that it is very difficult to dock everything. But in fact, this is not entirely true, because in reality there can be only one correct option. In another way, you will not establish anything.

how to fix a button on a laptop

How to insert a large button

Consider how to insert a button on a laptopbig size. These are such keys as Space, Tab, Shift, Enter. In addition to the "rocker", which is made of plastic, they can also have a metal stabilizer. It is necessary for the key to be pressed evenly. On the inside, there are two eyelets required to secure the stabilizer. You just need to make its ends. Next, the antennae "rocker" we put into the grooves and put the button in its place by a small tap on it.

The gap holds on several "swing" and onstabilizer. There can be a situation, that "the rocker" can be disassembled. It's easy to assemble, using a needle or a toothpick for this. One side should be taken in the groove, and the second one should be installed using a needle.

Consider how to insert a button on a laptop inwhich is made with brackets made of metal instead of plastic swings. Here fastening is also simple. Just note that such a keyboard will be noisier.

How to fix a button on a laptop

It should be clearly understood that the attempt to repair the button will usually only be one. This must be taken into account before putting the button on the laptop. Before you start doing the necessary work you need to have available such tools:

  1. Needle from a simple syringe.
    how to insert a button into a laptop
  2. Nippers, knife.
  3. A thin soldering iron.
  4. Needle.
  5. Small vise.
  6. Glue.
  7. Pliers.
  8. Lighters.

We place the broken attachment on his workplace. We take a needle and a soldering iron. The needle is applied to the site of the broken antenna and we look for it to go there for several millimeters. We heat it with a soldering iron and fuse it into the mount. Unnecessary part of the needle bite off. We clean off excess plastic.

Consider another option, how to put the buttonon a laptop. Heat the needle with a lighter and make a groove in which you can place, for example, villi or something like that. We put it in the groove and glue it together with superglue

How to make a new button yourself

If the button stops working, do not rushimmediately throw it away. Maybe it just went down, and it can be put in place. If not, at first the button should be carefully considered. If it just cracked a little, then it can be glued together with a simple super-glue. Only the most important thing is that her contact was in the same place.

dropped the button from the laptop
If you can not glue the button, you can make ityourself. Consider how to make a button on your laptop yourself. For this it is necessary to have an epoxy resin and clay. From plasticine you need to make the necessary shape and fill it with resin. There also need to omit the contact. It must be properly installed. To make it smooth, it can be trimmed with ordinary sandpaper. So, we figured out how to make a button on a laptop at home. In some cases, this is easier than relating the mobile PC to repair.

If the button just dropped out

If the button from the laptop dropped out, you need toperform such actions. On its reverse side there are grooves and latches. In them there are "ears of a rocker". Their purpose is to connect the button to the keyboard. If the key with the "rocker" fell out, they must be disconnected. Then the "rocker" is installed. It will have a button cap. They are joined together by grooves, which are on them.

So, we figured out how to put the button on the laptop. As you can see, this is not very difficult to do, and in many cases it is possible to solve the problem without contacting the service center.