Most users, when they learn the meaningthe temperatures of its processor, think: "And what is the normal processor temperature?". There is no specific answer to this question, since there are many parameters on which it depends. Of course, the lower the temperature, the better. At any computer the temperature will be different, in view of various factors. And so, the normal temperature for the processor is about 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is higher, do not worry immediately, because the temperature can be increased at this point, and not be a permanent working standard for your computer.

It also happens that some do not know whichthe temperature is at them, and they are still interested in what the normal temperature of the processor should be. You can find out the readings of the sensors using the Everest program. It is paid, but on the Internet and pirated versions it is enough.

When you open the program, click the button"Computer", and then to the "Sensors" button. There you will see all the information you need. Namely: the temperature of the processor and other parts. Know the status of other devices, too, should be, since everything is interconnected.

What is the normal CPU temperature of a weak computer.

Of course, the processor during operationit heats up, and the more you load it, the more it gets warm. If the computer is weak in performance, then when you start "heavy" and require huge resources of applications, it will start to slow down, and the processor will overheat.

For a more accurate temperature value,Do the following. Turn off the computer, allow it to cool. After a while, turn it on and do nothing. Wait a bit. Let it warm up and stabilize. Then look at the temperature. If it is in the range of 30-40 degrees Celsius, then this is normal. After that start to run different programs and observe the temperature changes. The more serious the program, the more it will heat up.

You can only reduce the temperature a little. To do this, you have to replace the thermal paste on the processor and add a few coolers to the system unit to improve circulation and air cooling.

What is the normal CPU temperature of a powerful computer.

The initial processor temperatureproductive computers is almost no different from weak models, but still, a little less. Simply by running a good computer, the CPU temperature will be about 30 degrees, no more.

But this is not all the difference. Due to the fact that the computer has enough productive parts, it does not withstand the running of applications without special load. If you run something serious, the sensor value may rise to a maximum of 40 degrees.

If you run something colossal or run everything that is on your computer at once, filling up all the memory, the temperature will be up to 50 degrees Celsius.

But if you have a computer that is very powerful, but it is very hot, it means one thing - you have a big problem with cooling.

What can and should be done in this case:

• Change the thermal grease on the processor;

• Replace the cooler on the processor;

• Install several additional systemscooling to improve air circulation. It is desirable to install behind the cooler, which will work in the direction from the computer to the room. And in front, on the contrary. That is, the air will enter from the front and exit from the back side of the system unit.

• If the body design allows, hang additional coolers above the main one, which is located above the processor.

• Lubricate all coolers;

• Clean the radiator.


As you can see, it is specific to say which normal CPU temperature should be difficult in view of the huge number of factors affecting it.