With the problem of how to reduce the weight of the photo,each user of the network collides. Light photos are faster loaded on sites, it is easier to send by mail, and not everywhere you can attach an image in high quality - restrictions prevent.

First, to reduce weight, you canreduce the size of the photo, cut off the unnecessary part. It, certainly, not an output from any situations, but about possibility it is not necessary to forget. Especially when you need to keep within a very limited scope by weight and quality. I have to sacrifice something else.

how to reduce the weight of the photo

Reduce the weight of the photo can be almostany editor, including in Paint. But if you want to achieve good quality (not to lose what is available), it is better to use more advanced software.

Some images have to be processedonly specialized programs or editors. This applies to high-resolution photographs and images in which a gradient background and contrast objects converge on the boundary. If you do not use good compression algorithms, if you lose weight in such images, artifacts appear. (The most famous JPEG artifact is blur.)

reduce weight photos

To the most popular programs used,to reduce the picture without losing quality, include Photoshop, ACDSee and free Gimp and Inkscape (the last of the mentioned - this is the best alternative to Photoshop). In the corresponding dialog you will be asked to choose which compression should be applied - the maximum or with the preservation of quality. With the help of rulers, you can choose the best option.

There are special programs that do notknow how to do nothing more than to reduce the weight of the photo. But with the help of the preview of the image you can choose the most optimal process settings. An example of such a program is Cesium.

Recently, the Internet has appeareda lot of services that help to create or edit an image using the WYSWUG editor. So, the service JPEGmini.com helps to get "thin" images, it would seem, in an unchanged form. He solves the problem of how to reduce the weight of the photo, say, for those who did not take a laptop on a trip, but decided to share fresh photos even before returning home.

reduce the picture without loss of quality

Unfortunately, most of these services,often, does not justify all the hopes placed on them. For example, not all downloaded photos will be returned to the user in a reduced form. Therefore, do not interfere with knowing how to reduce the weight of photos using the standard Windows tools.

On any computer, a package must be installedoffice programs from Microsoft, and in it, except for Word and Excel, there is Picture Manager. In the "All Programs" list it is hidden under the item "Microsoft Office Tools", and in some versions it is translated as "Picture Manager". Run the program, add a shortcut to the photo you want through the "File" menu, and in the "Picture" menu, find the item "Compress Pictures". You can choose from 4 compression modes: for mailing, publishing on the web, placing in documents and for exiting the program without compressing the picture.

PictureManager allows you to reduce weightimages dozens of times, leaving its quality acceptable. The program, of course, can not be compared with professional packages for image processing, but for the daily needs of its capabilities it is enough.