Regardless of which topic is being createdPowerPoint presentation, it can help you bring the idea to the audience. The examples below will teach you how to make a presentation in Power Point based on a template or create a fully customized file.

Open PowerPoint. You will see a blank screen with two rectangles in the middle part. One of them has the inscription "Slide Title", the other one - "Slide Subtitle".

how to make a presentation in power point

On the tab at the top left of the screen, clickthe "File" button. On the vertical toolbar, on the left, select the "Create" tab. If you want to use a template, a menu with different options will open on the right side. It is a slide show with a predefined background that is intended for a particular presentation (for example, a route or a report). Click on the template that you want to use, depending on the purpose of your presentation.

If you can not find the option that you needfor your presentation, you should choose the design. To do this, click on "Appearances" in the "Tools" tab. They are a slide show with a predefined background, which can be used for various files as standard. Speaking of how to make a presentation in Power Point, it is worth noting that templates and design are the basis.

how to make a presentation in power point 2003

Click on a specific template or design, with which you want to work.

Once everything is loaded, select the buttons that prompt: click on the addition of a new title, and add a new subtitle. Make the appropriate entries in these menu items.

After deciding on the title, click the "Create Slide" button in the "Insert" section of the tab at the top. You can also create a new slide using the shortcut (Ctrl + M).

Continue to add information and photos as you see fit.

Once you're done with your work andcompletely understand how to make a presentation in PowerPoint, choose File> Save As and save it so that you can use it in the future.

If you want to see the presentation as a series of slides, click on the "Slideshow" tab and select "from the beginning" in the upper left corner.

To filter through certain slides, press the left and right arrows on the keyboard to go back and forth, respectively.

However, some paragraphs of the aboveThe instructions may vary slightly for different versions of PowerPoint. If you are an experienced user, you will notice that creating a presentation involves performing the same actions, differences are possible only in the names and locations of individual menu items. Therefore, if you are interested in how to make a presentation in Power Point 2003, consider this circumstance and try to explore the program menu in advance.

Be sure to save a backup copy of your presentation. A defective USB flash drive, no internet connection, or a scratched disk can be a serious problem.

how to make a presentation in Power Point 2010

Keep your work constantly in the making. Thus, if you accidentally click on the exit button, or the computer turns off, you will not lose the already created slides.

Make sure that the presentation you createdPowerPoint is compatible with the device on which you will represent it. Your version of PowerPoint may differ from the version installed on another computer. To ensure the opening of your file on any device, it is better to save it in a format not newer than the 2007 version (especially for those who are interested in how to make a presentation in Power Point 2010). Instead of saving the presentation with the * .PPT extension, go to the "File" - "Save As" menu and save it in * .PPS format. This allows you to save the file on the desktop, and when you click on it, the presentation will start automatically.