"Astro file manager" is a guiding star formany users. It would seem, more recently fans of social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Mail, have the opportunity to use the "cloud" repositories. It is difficult to evaluate all the advantages of storing data in the cloud - this is also important information for the user, accessible from any "Android" device anywhere in the world, and the ability to save traffic by sending a link to the files in the "cloud", and an alternative to flash- memory "Android" devices.

Using Storage

To be able to take advantage of alladvantages of storage, you need a program to work with files. Modern society is very mobile, and the appeared file manager for "Android" became a natural and necessary condition for working with information. It should be added that this program is also a conductor for comfortable work in the device itself.

file manager for android

Features of file managers

Demand forms a proposal. A variety of user preferences has led to the fact that the file manager for "Android" from various developers is so many. What are the main requirements?

  • The interface of the program and the comfort of navigation inside the file manager.
  • Convenient work with files.
  • Degree of integration with cloud storage.
  • Possibility of operations with the archived files.
  • The cost of the manager and the availability of advertising.
  • A variety of additional features.

It is these parameters, which determine the multifunctionality of the program, that make it possible to identify the best file manager for "Android."

best file manager for android

Other File Managers

In addition to the standard built-in conductorAlso successful are third-party programs such as Total Commander, Root Explorer, ES File Explorer, and many others. To understand why third-party managers are needed, especially paid ones, you need to know what the mobile gadget user can expect, where the standard file manager for Android is preinstalled. The main thing is working with multimedia and text files.

  • Third-party programs allow you to view andsort files within the manager, and standard for viewing the same files use additional players, readers, that is, to work with each file you need to perform a lot more actions.
  • Archived files are displayed, but working with them is incorrect.
  • Complete lack of integration with the "cloud" storage. The buyer can not take advantage of all the opportunities provided by modern technology.
  • You can not install additional plug-ins, as well as change the design of the program.
  • When installing on a gadget of dubious software, there is no way to roll back the system and restore the device's performance.
  • If the mobile is frozen due to the large number of running background processes and a small amount of RAM, it is not possible to stop unnecessary programs.
  • Work with FTP-services is not supported.

Based on this list, you can come to the conclusion that the standard file manager for "Android" is less convenient and not so functional.

file manager for android 4

Advantage of ASTRO File Manager

The developer of Metago offered his top products - a file manager for Android-4. ASTRO File Manager has already been downloaded by users more than fifty million times. What is the reason for such popularity?

  • Suitable for tablets, smartphones and other devices with the actual to date "Android-4." It works not only with the memory of the device itself, but also with the SD-Card.
  • Strict design, quiet, non-irritating eye color, stylish icons. In general, the interface of the program is understandable and convenient.
  • Ability to work with such cloudstorages, such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, and I do not have to search for storage icons for a long time - they are located on the start page of the program.
  • Undeniable comfort of work "Android" devices through the file manager with all desktop operating systems in one network.
  • Search, view and organize work with photos, audio, video and other types of files both inside the device itself, and in cloud storages, laptops and stationary PCs.
  • Complete work with the archiver.
  • Built-in Task Killer - the ability to stop the work of other applications.
  • Creating backup copies.

astro file manager for android

ASTRO Bluetooth Module and ASTRO SMB Module

A proposal that attracts many users,was the possibility of free download plug-ins ASTRO Bluetooth Module and ASTRO SMB Module, expanding the already impressive functionality of the program. Like many other conductors, the "Astro file manager" for "Android" is paid, but the trial version provided by the developer allows you to make sure it is correct and indispensable. The positive from the impeccable work will allow you to never regret your choice, which is made exclusively individually. For everyone there are pluses and minuses in the work of devices, and even the most modern thing can be uncomfortable. As a consequence, special attention should be paid to one's own desires and preferences.