Sometimes there is an unpleasant situation with soundWindows. It consists in the fact that the next start of the system does not work columns. So, the sound disappeared on the laptop or PC. Then you need to find out the reason why this happened, and fix the situation.

Causes of sound malfunctions

There are a limited number of reasons that could lead to the loss of sound on the laptop. Here are the most common among them:

  • The most appropriate driver for the sound card is incorrectly installed or missing. It is he who is responsible for the reproduction of audio streams through the speakers.
  • The standard Windows audio service is disabled, which directly depends on whether the sound is heard in the Windows system.
  • There may be physical problems with the speakers or the sound card.

Missing sound on the laptop (Windows 7 or xp). How to fix

First of all pay attention to the speakers orheadphones. Maybe somewhere the contact left. Or it is possible to damage the wiring. Check the tray. The speaker icon should not show a crossed out red circle. This is the minimum audibility of sound.

If the circle is displayed, simply click on the icon and adjust the volume with the drop-down slider.

How to test the driver

From the control panel, select"Administration". Then, "Computer Management." In the appeared console window, select the "Device Manager" task. This tab shows the status of all Windows devices that are recognized. We need to go to the sub-item "Sound, video and gaming devices." It will also be your sound card.

If there is no sound card or the system writes about the driver malfunction, then you need to reinstall it, and then set the codecs.

To fix the situation when the sound on the laptop is gone, do the following:

  • Right-click on the sound device for which the driver is not installed correctly. This will be indicated by a yellow exclamation point in front of the sound device icon.
  • Select the "Properties" item. Windows will warn you about the need to reinstall the driver. On the tab with the same name, click "Details" to view the names of the system files - sound drivers. If they are not available, click "Update".
  • Among the proposed upgrade options, select the automatic installation. The system, therefore, will find the most suitable software itself and install it.
  • When you are absolutely sure where the driver is located, and the option with automatic installation did not work, choose the manual software search that was developed for the current audio device.
  • In order not to lose sound on the laptop, you also need to make sure that Windows Audio service is started in the "Auto" mode. How can I check this?
  • If you run the mms console (controlcomputer), just select the "Services and Applications" item, and then the "Services" subtask. In the displayed services window, check the operating status of the above service. To give it an operational status, click the "Run" link.
  • When there is a suspicion of the possibility of physicala broken sound card, it's worth checking it out. Find a sound card for a PCI slot from a friend or in a radio components store. Almost all modern computers are still equipped with this connector.
  • Then try to connect it to this connector and,if necessary, install the required driver. If the board is working properly, the sound is heard clearly enough, turn off the sound device that stopped functioning using Device Manager, or remove the broken sound card physically.

If the sound on the laptop is gone, try the suggested options. Having found the cause of the breakdown, choose among them the best way to correct it.