Xbox 360 - the second generation of the gaming console fromcompany Microsoft. The prefix was launched in 2005 and exists to this day. In 2010, the light saw a thin and compact version of the console called Slim. Although it was replaced by a new generation of NextGen consoles Xbox One, 360-th console is still very popular with gamers. First, because of exclusive games that were not ported to other platforms. Secondly, the console from Microsoft is reliable enough and rarely fails. This article discusses the pros and cons of the Xbox 360. The review will allow readers to comprehend the console. And in it, of course, there are disadvantages and advantages. Also within the framework of the article are considered the main accessories for the Xbox 360. It is necessary to understand the characteristics of the console of the second generation.

Xbox 360: Features Overview

Console of the second generation has a similarcompetitors architecture. Under the hull are 3 cores with a frequency of 3.2 GHz for each. For the graphics is responsible video card Xenos from ATI. Its processing speed is up to 500 million polygons per second. RAM is a bit - only 512 MB, and it is used as RAM and video memory. Full HD resolution supports Xbox 360. Drive in a DVD-ROM format device. The operating system was completely written from scratch specifically for the console. The basis for it was the program code of Windows 2000.

xbox 360 accessories

Completion console

During the entire production time, areleased in a series of 5 versions of consoles: Arcade, Pro, Elite, Slim, E. All the consoles were different in size and volume of the hard drive. The shape and design changed, depending on the subject matter of the special edition, which number is about ten.

Xbox 360 Accessories

During the entire production of the console companyMicrosoft has developed and released many devices that make it possible to maximize or diversify gameplay and multimedia entertainment. The most popular is Kinect, which was often offered in the kit with the console itself. Kinect - game controller to the console. It allows you to control the interface and gameplay without using controllers, but due to the movements of your body. This is possible thanks to the camera installed in Kinekta. The device looks like a black rectangle on the stand. It is usually placed under the TV, near the console itself. There are no special requirements for use - just connect Kinect to the console and sit directly in front of the camera of the device at a distance of a couple of meters. Of course, not all games support such control (for example, a race or a football simulator). But for dance games "Kinekt" - the very thing. The game process will be interesting for both adults and children.

Racing wheel

The next unusual device for the console iscompany wireless steering wheel. Microsoft decided not to optimize the existing steering wheels under their prefix, but to create their own unique. It turned out ambiguously. On the one hand, managing with such a gamepad virtual cars is quite fun and interesting. On the other hand, this steering wheel will not give real fans of autosimulators the feeling of driving a vehicle. Wireless steering wheel is made in U-style. On the left handle is a classic cross, on the right - buttons. The central console is decorated with the Xbox logo and the exit buttons in the menu. On the back of the steering wheel is a compartment for batteries or batteries. The control of this controller is ideal for arcade races, but not for simulators with realistic physics and control model.

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There are accessories for the Xbox 360, especiallyintended for online games and communication in them. For example, a wireless headset. The device is made in the style of mobile Bluetooth-headsets. The miniature black case looks stylish. The headset is quite comfortable due to its fastening and weight, which is almost not felt.

xbox 360 slim accessories

In the market of accessories for this console, you canfind a rich selection of wireless gamepads. There are controllers with additional batteries, with a cross-transformer. Color solutions and gamepad design has dozens of options for every taste. In addition, you can purchase a remote control for the role of an additional control element. Play with it, most likely, will not be very convenient. But to use the menu and multimedia capabilities of the console, the purchase is justified 100%.

Accessories for the Xbox 360 will not be offendedfans of music games. Especially for them, Microsoft released a game guitar. Usually this device is purchased specifically for the game Guitar Hero. For fans of mouse control and keyboard there are special adapters with gamepads - an excellent option for those who are uncomfortable with original controllers, and play in exclusive console games really want.

xbox 360 drive

Wide possibilities with devices

In addition to the above-described accessories, to the consoleYou can purchase an additional external hard drive or battery to maintain performance for a while even without electricity. All accessories for the Xbox 360 Slim and the regular version are the same and fully compatible with each other. Therefore, problems with connecting equipment will never arise. This feature puts the console in a more advantageous position than personal computers.