For tablets and smartphones with an operating systemAndroid, Google annually develops thousands of variants of various software. Installing applications on android is simple enough. There are several ways to download, save and install all available software in your gadget.

Ways to install applications

installing applications on android
The first of these is the programs from the officialsource - Google Play, or as it was called in the recent past - Google Market. To do this, you need to launch an application from your tablet or smartphone, which is called Google Play. Then choose a category, trust the TOP software or type the name of the application in the search. To each product in the market there is a short description of its purpose, name and next to it the icon "download". After clicking on the last one, the installation of applications will start, the android system itself will determine where to place the installation file.

The method is pretty simple. But it has a drawback. If the used tariff plan

android installation of applications
operator limits traffic, or he is tooroads, installation of applications on android will be more profitable directly from the computer. But the undoubted advantage is that all installed software will be updated in a timely manner.

Install applications on android from your computer

In order to install the applications in the tabletor a smartphone from a computer, gadgets must be connected to it using a USB cable. In this case, they should be reflected in the explorer as a removable disk. It should be noted that the advantages of this method are not only in unlimited traffic. Android is an open source system. And this means that anyone who wants a programmer can write

installing applications android
to work in her application. Such software is very popular, and in huge numbers posted on the web on various sites.

When you find the app on Google Play or onother web resources, you need to download it, preferably in a pre-prepared folder. The downloaded file is a kind of archive. It is unpacked by any archiver, which should be done. In gadgets with the android system, installing applications from third-party media must be enabled in the settings menu. To do this, perform the following actions in the file manager of a laptop or phone:

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Select the "Applications" section.
  3. In the selected section, check the "Install applications from unknown sources" menu.
  4. The .apk extension is an extension of the Android installation files. Just copy this file from the unpacked archive on your computer to any gadget folder.
  5. Disconnect the tablet or phone from the computer.
  6. Double click on the copied file, already on the mobile device, run the installation.

Apparently, this method also does not cause specialcomplexities. But, before using it, make sure that your computer has a reliable antivirus. Another disadvantage is that installing applications on the android through the computer does not guarantee that the software will be updated automatically. This will have to be done by yourself.