To date, the theme of game consolesis quite relevant. And since I am also a fan of these devices, today I would like to talk with you about the brainchild of Microsoft, namely the Xbox 360. And we are not going to talk about games or characteristics right now. The conversation will be on how to disassemble the "Xbox 360".

What is it for?

Many of you may ask: "Why do this, why dismantle the game console?" And really, why? Who will come to mind just to disassemble a normal working device at home? Believe me, this question is asked by many owners of this miracle.

Someone does this in order to satisfyhis own heightened curiosity, which just wants to admire the innards of this console. Those who are more or less versed in electronics, want to modernize the cooling, and also to produce some other upgrade, in their opinion, which is necessary. Some "kulibin" tend to modify or even completely replace the drive of the game console.

how to parse xbox 360

There are also those who want to make sure whichthe type of motherboard is installed in the device - declared by the manufacturer or some other. Believe me, this is not the whole list, it can continue and continue, but we are not interested in this now.

Required Tools

Before deconstructing the "Xbox 360 e", let'sfind out which tool we need for this. The first is a set of screwdrivers that have a shape very similar to asterisks. The second - a toothpick, it is possible a little, so, just in case. The third one is a small minus screwdriver. On this list ends, nothing else is needed.

Now that we have prepared everythingthe above, you can continue to understand how to parse the "Xbox 360e". Just before you start this procedure, think again, do you really need to do this, or can you do without? After all, in case of an error, you can stay without a game console or "get on" a cheap repair. If your resolve has not disappeared, then we continue.

how to parse xbox 360 slim

First step

Pick up your game console and confidentWith the movement of hands, we unfasten the hard drive from it (if, of course, it is provided for in your version, and if not, we omit this item accordingly). Then it will be necessary to pull the edges of the front panel, as a result of which it should snap off.

Now through the windows designed forventilation, we will have to bend the plastic feet with a pre-prepared toothpick. If everything is done correctly, the right side wall can be removed. When removed the side wall, remove immediately the rubber left rear leg. It is under her hid one of the legs that are attached to the side left wall.

After this, very carefully remove the wall,located on the left. You will need to see the warranty protective film on the front panel, which was glued to the assemblers of Microsoft. Real enthusiasts have long ago removed it from their devices, although they are unlikely to seek and read such articles, they already know what and why they need to do (and maybe even know what to do is not necessary). So, this film, as you guessed it, you just need to remove it.

how to disassemble xbox 360 e

Remove the back cover

We continue to understand how to parse "Xbox360. "We disconnect the four latches very carefully on the front fascia, and now it's time to apply a screwdriver with a narrow sting.Take it and slowly, very carefully on the back cover all the latches are disconnected.It's best if you put a screwdriver nose into small slots, which are available on the game console.

Happened? Excellent. Now, in the same way, we perform the above actions with the following latches. In order to prevent the previous ones from closing again, keep your hand open. When all the latches open, you will be able to remove the plastic case.

If you ask how to disassemble the "Xbox 360 slim", then I'll make you happy. The principle of their assembly is identical, so all of the above, as well as the following manipulations are relevant for them.

But we are distracted. We return to our topic of conversation, how to disassemble the "Xbox 360". Now you must disconnect the button to open the drive tray. Next, turn our console, we find silver bolts and unscrew them. We return the prefix to the initial position, after which the upper part of its body can be removed.

how to disassemble xbox 360e
After that it's time to unfasten the chrome platedan overlay of the tray provided for the optical drive. Lift the last one, then remove the interface cable "SATA" from it, and also the power wire. Here you will see a plastic fan casing, which must also be removed. When you remove it, consider that you know how to disassemble the "Xbox 360". The main thing is to do everything neatly, but nothing is complicated. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. Well, I'll remind you again for those who wanted to learn how to parse the "Xbox 360 slim" - everything is done exactly the same.


If you experience any malfunctiondevice or failure, I strongly recommend that you do not repair yourself, but entrust it to professionals. Although in this case, and have to pay money, believe me, it will be much cheaper for you.