Quite often on various sites flickering brightbanner advertising, which offers users to play in the game genre MMO. Today, a huge number of people are passionate about online games, which are devoted to an incredibly long time. So what is an MMO?

what is mmo


A multiplayer game is a variationonline entertainment, when a large number of people from all over the world are playing simultaneously. Therefore, it is called - a massively multiplayer online game. MMO can even be called a social network that unites one common hobby of people from different parts of the globe. This is the whole virtual world, with the inhabitants of which are the players. They interact with each other via the Internet.

mmo games what is it


Key terms in the abbreviation MMO, decodingwhich is given above, is "multiplayer" and "online". Therefore, the most important distinctive feature of this genre is that the game runs in the global web, and not in the local or on one computer. Thus, the question of what an IMO is, you can answer this: it's a whole habitat for online gamers. It brings together enthusiastic people who share common goals, interests and priorities. It is noteworthy that in some games hundreds of thousands of people live simultaneously.

massively multiplayer online game mmo


Let us consider in more detail what an IMO is. This is a genre that contains several sub-genres or categories. It depends on the nature of the gameplay. Just like in normal games, there are role games, strategies, simulators, fighting games and shooters.

One of the first such entertainments was the RPG. So the genre of MMORPG-games was born, in which each player chooses and adjusts for himself a character from the fantasy universe. Then, during the game, this character recruited experience, pumped, enters into clans and guilds, which allows you to act together with your friends.

Performing tasks, you open new opportunitiesand location, the levels go up. In some projects, a character can get a profession, get married, and acquire own housing. Games of this genre differ in the universe, combat systems and rules. Some people even manage to earn real money in an RPG. How? In process of performance of tasks the player constantly receives in the award various subjects: the weapon, an armor, supplies, raw materials. And if everything is in abundance, then you can sell it to other players. And if a particularly rare item was found, then the price for it will be special. There are players who quickly pump the character to high levels and sell it to a newcomer who does not want to start the game with a weak hero. So for some, the answer to the question about what an IMO is is the word "work".

Another subgenre is MMORTS. This is a real-time strategy, in which many people play simultaneously. Here, one of the warring parties is chosen, and the player takes control of the construction of buildings, the development of infrastructure, the extraction of all kinds of resources, the training of soldiers, spies and merchants. Usually, the strategy aims at capturing nearby lands, winning over all enemies, in all military or diplomatic actions.

The next subgenre is a first-person shooter. They are also called shooters. Today, many adolescents on the question of what IMO is, will give an answer that this is a shooter. This is a very popular genre that successfully develops both offline and in the global web. If before the Internet did not allow to make beautiful graphics in shooters, now they are quite comparable to single "fellows" in the genre. Here, a large number of constantly updated tasks, various large-scale maps, which are hostilities, and of course, hundreds of models of weapons that correspond to real guns, pistols and shotguns. This genre requires the player to have an increased reaction, because a split second decides a lot: either you or you.

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Today it is impossible to imagine the market of games withoutgenre MOBA. He absorbed the best of role-playing games and strategies. These games literally hurt people around the world. This genre is recognized as an official sport. World tournaments are held with multi-million dollar prizes. Probably, every gamer tried to play in the products of this genre for once in his life. And many were delayed for life.

It should be noted that MMO games are dividedto browser and client. The first are implemented directly in the browser window of the web pages. For the latter, you need to download the client, install it, since such games contain a huge amount of graphics, tasks, maps. The Internet will load this for a very long time. And the process of the game will lose momentum.


So, MMO games - what is it? This is an international hobby for both young gamers and adults, which brings everyone together. Here and friendship, and competitive spirit, and rest. And for someone - work. History knows the facts, when people were in the same clan, together they hunted monsters, communicated in the game. And all this led to the creation of families in the real world. So games are not always evil. The main thing is not to become dependent on them.