If you are interested in how to reduce weightphotos, you first need to figure out what it can be useful for. For example, you may need to download a large number of pictures to your site, and they can be quite "heavy", which often causes a strong drag of loading pages. This is not liked by visitors or search engines.

How to reduce the weight of a photo
So, want to understand how to reduce weightPhoto? To compress images, it is appropriate to use a variety of different programs. Let's take a look at some of them. Consider the program RIOT. In this application, the user has the ability to set the percentage of compression independently, while in the preview window you will see what image becomes. You can also change the format here. To begin with, you need to select an image, open it, or simply drag it with the mouse to the working window. After that, you need to select the format in which to save. For the JPEG format, you do not need to specify a compression percentage of more than 85%, because to reduce the weight of the photo, without losing quality, in this case it does not work.
Weight Loss Program Photo

Then press the button "Compress tosize ", then in the window you need to set the size in kb. However, this is not necessary, because sometimes the user arranges the size indicated in parentheses above the right window. You can proceed to the next step, namely click on the button labeled "Save As".

This program to reduce the weight of the photo has a very extensive functionality. It is capable of changing not only the image size, but also sharpness, contrast, color removal.

How to reduce weight
You can use another application -Paint.NET. A standard Windows program called Paint is not suitable for solving this problem, as it "loses" the quality of the images. The Paint.NET application allows you to edit the image without losing quality. Consider how to reduce the weight of a photo using the specified application. The desired image must be downloaded to this program. And to reduce weight, you should do the following: click "File - Save As". The smallest amount of graphic files such as JPG and JPEG, PNG files have better quality, which means that the size is larger. The largest weight is in images in BMP and TIF format.

After selecting the file type and pressing the button"Save" before you will appear a photo that you save, as well as a slider showing the quality, defined in percent. The slider can be dragged until the value reaches, for example, 80-85%. On the right will be the result after saving, as well as the weight of the future file. If we talk about how to reduce the weight of a picture or a photo, then it is worth mentioning the possibility of changing the resolution of the image. At the same time, it will not lose its quality, but it will become much less weighty.

Considered two ways to reduce weightimages without losing quality. In the end, you can give one recommendation. When editing a picture, you should always select the "Save As" option so that you have the original image left. It is possible that it will still come in handy.