Computer game Counter Strike isa classic example of shooters. This game is one of the most popular in the world. It is played by gamers around the planet for many years. Despite its "antiquity", the number of newcomers is unquenchable.

How to reduce the spread in the COP
Surely you've seen how seasoned playersmasterfully deal with weapons, killing the enemy without much effort. And of course, you think that this man is an avid gamer who spends his time with Counter Strike. In most cases, this is not entirely true. Simply experienced gamers know some secrets of achieving such high results, which can be achieved by customizing certain parameters.

Why are seasoned players "hit" accurately at the target, and bulletsfrom your machine fly in different directions? To enjoy flawless graphics and the game itself, you just need to make some adjustments (not everyone, there are people who are all perfectly tuned). So, one of the most frequently asked questions newcomers to more experienced gamers is the following: "How to reduce the spread in the COP (scatter of bullets, returns)?"

The spread of bullets / recoil is when bullets do not fly to one point, but are "scattered". It can not be removed, but it is possible to reduce it.

Probably, every Counter Strike playerthere is this ill-fated problem with the spread of bullets. Many people happen that bullets practically do not reach. How to deal with it, how to reduce the spread in the COP? There are several proven methods (some unscrupulous authors expose unverified information, which leads to a ban on the server). There are three known ways to reduce the spread in the CS.

Reduce the spread in the COP
First option

Reducing the spread in the COP by adjusting the FPSin the config. FPS is the number of frames per second. The most optimal option is 100 FPS. Also need high speed internet. Then you need to open the console, it starts by pressing a key called "tilde". The tilde looks like a wavy hyphen (~) and is most often under the Esc key. The console is called during the game (you do not need to go to the menu). In the console you need to drive the following commands:

The first command: rate 25000.

The second command: cl_cmdrate 101.

The third command: cl_updaterate 101.

The second option

You just need to hone your skills toshooting. And do not make any settings for the game, enter cheats (if you want to play fair, you'd better never use them) and so on. Never shoot in a distant battle queues, as bullets may not fly to the "addressee." The best option is shooting 3-4 bullets. But the queues should be used only in close combat.

The third option

Buy yourself a special gamer mouse. They are professional and semiprofessional, that is, with a different number of supporting shooting options. You can set it so that when you press a certain button, different shooting options are performed: single, two bullets, three and so on. The cheapest can cost from 400-500 rubles. In addition, the mouse, designed specifically for gamers, is much more convenient from the usual.

Reducing the spread in the CS
I hope that these tips, how to reduce the spread in the COP, have been useful to you. Good luck!