Now summer and many current school leavers are ready to step firmly towards a new, adult life.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of your lifeways? How not from tens, but hundreds of universities and specialties to choose exactly the direction that in 5-6 years will help make a dizzying career, thus ensuring a comfortable existence, and it will be a great moral pleasure?

Accountants, financiers, economists, lawyers,teachers, doctors - all this sounds familiar and, I would say, somewhat boring. Today I propose to talk about a not very ordinary professional occupation.

So, the profession is a photographer. Who are all these people? What qualities should a person who has chosen a specialty photographer have? And what exactly will he / she be different from an ordinary lover?

Who is a photographer?

In the modern world, technology is constantlydevelop. To get high-quality professional equipment is not a problem. Probably, that's why there are always a lot of people on the streets of the city, in the villages, in the mountains and on the beach, who are enthusiastically taking pictures of this or that plot. Most likely, most of them are ordinary amators.

What does it mean by its definitionprofession photographer? As a rule, this person is well versed in the technique of shooting. He is much better than others aware of how to achieve the desired effect in the image, accurately and accurately selects attributes depending on the quality of lighting, certain conditions of distance or proximity of the object being shot, etc.

Photographer - work that assumes skillcorrectly seated people and click on the button under such a perspective that the image will certainly turn out to be successful and high-quality. Often the operator also needs a creative approach to the task, so he has to meet with the anticipated models in advance and develop an ideological concept for the future shooting. By the way, it should be noted that the specialty of the photographer at the present stage implies the ability not only to produce, but also to process his pictures with the help of various kinds of computer programs.

The profession of a photographer implies certain activities, i.e. this person:

  • processes, prepares, prints pictures;
  • performs shooting in various conditions;
  • selects the necessary photo equipment, flashes, tripods, lenses;
  • develops ideas for filming, applying a creative approach.

Presumed employment:

  • advertising agencies;
  • mass media;
  • photo studio;
  • freelancing.

Professional skills:

  • be able to apply computer programs when processing images;
  • the ability to understand photographic equipment and attributes;
  • know the pros and cons of various shooting conditions, be able to use all of these.

The profession of the photographer assumes the presence of a number of additional features.

If you decide to link your life withphoto art, immediately prepare for competition, and not just ordinary, but huge, colossal. It will be easier for those who will work in the studio or studio, but photojournalists and those wishing to conquer the constantly evolving world of advertising will have to spend a huge amount of both time and effort, in order to finally unwind.

How and where can I learn? If there is a profession photographer, then it can be obtained somewhere. Where exactly? A very obvious answer arises: in various colleges, universities, courses of photography and the photo schools of our country and abroad. Of course, for training you have to spend a day, a month, and sometimes years to become a real expert in this industry. Although I would like to note that a professional photographer is not always an ace in his field.

You can try to master this craft yourself. But only the most persevering and devoted fans of photo art achieve success here.