On sites and forums are constantly happeningchanges, topics are added or closed. All this should be done in a certain order. This is followed by the site moderator. A literal translation of this word from English sounds like a "judge", or "arbitrator". The moderator's work corresponds to this value to some extent. He oversees the communication at the forum, prevents the entry of spam or profanity on the site.

Moderator is

Moderator is a person who is appointed by the administration of the site. It can be one of the users or forum participants.

To begin with, he is given a probationary period, for which he must demonstrate his work as much as possible. Then the question of the presence of this person in this position is decided.

A moderator is a participant who has more rights than an ordinary user. He should take an active part in discussions and be always in the "theme".

He picks up topics for discussion, offers links, gives advice and makes the discussion interesting. To make the forum more productive and convenient, the moderator makes every effort.

Here we need to tap into all the available talents and abilities, knowledge and experience.

In addition to the above requirements, there are several other qualities that a moderator should possess.

His work consists in constant communication with other participants. Therefore, he must be sociable and communicative. It is also very important to be friendly and easy to contact.

Moderator of the site

Moderator is a person who actively oversees the work of his section, draws attention to any topics, and especially technical ones, which relate to the work of the site.

However, he is also a participant in the forum,as well as others. He obeys all the rules of the forum. The moderator is the status that is assigned. This person can have an opinion on the issues under discussion, which will differ from the opinion of other users. This should not affect the work of the forum. Simply put, the moderator should not impose his opinion and delete other statements that are subjective.

He can only express his opinion, which has no advantages.

Moderator work

It is the moderator's responsibility to maintainorder on the forum, the elimination of unrest, the prevention of insults, scandals and transitions to individuals. It can open, delete or close topics, delete messages that do not comply with forum rules. He has the right to allow participants to communicate or suspend.

The moderator does not have the right to disclose personal information or information that is not intended for general use.

If he committed an oversight in the work, then thisis discussed in the personal mail system with other moderators or the administrator. Talk about the internal problems of the site or dubious participants occurs only with personal communication. About his claims to the administration of the site, concerning the work, the moderator reports in his personal mail.

The person occupying this position should be literate and master all the methods of constructing the right speech. You can say that the popularity and attendance of the forum depends on his work.