Find a good employer in Russia is wrongsimply as it seems. Each company has its pros and cons. Today we have to understand how conscientious is the corporation called "RusAlliance Story". Reviews of employees and a description of the organization will help to understand this feature. Only after this, it will be possible to draw conclusions about whether to cooperate with a potential boss. What do employees pay attention to in RusAlliance Story? What are the pros and cons of subordinates in their bosses?

rusalliance staff reviews

Description of activity

It is difficult to give a unambiguous answer. After LLC "RusAlliance Story" reviews employees gets different. Among them there are good opinions, and not very much.

The company is engaged in construction andequipment. A kind of enterprise that implements certain projects in industry. The employer does not conduct any more activity. And it pleases all applicants.

It is possible to say with certainty that "RusAllianceStory "are not scammers, because the organization is spread all over the country, it has been working and has been performing its functions for many years, but is it worth it to find a job here?

About design

To correctly answer this question, you need to study the feedback on the work in "RusAlliance Story". What do job seekers and subordinates think about labor in the corporation?

Ambiguous opinions areregistration of people to work. Some of the subordinates stress that they will have to work without entering the relevant records in the work book. Someone says the opposite.

Ltd. rusalayans staff comments of employees

It is possible to say with certainty only that in"RusAlliance Story" is really all subordinates working under the established labor legislation. Without registration and conclusion of the contract of the established sample it is necessary to stay only at the moment of training.

About training

For him, "RusAlliance Story" reviews of employees tooambiguous type gets. Pleases everyone that the process is organized by the employer completely free of charge. At any time, you can refuse further study, as well as stop cooperation with the organization.

Together with this, some subordinates talk aboutThe fact that "RusAlliance Story" uses applicants as a free hired force. After all, training consists in performing job duties for a particular job, but without registration and other obligations. Therefore, some employees call studies before the cooperation a dubious joy.


"RusAlliance Story" staff reviewsPositive type gets for the team in which you have to work. It is he who causes a lot of emotions. Most of the staff are sympathetic and kind people who are always ready to support. Some argue that "RusAlliance Story" is a place for sociable and friendly people.

rusalliance build moscow staff reviews

But sometimes the workforce is not happy. There are single unfriendly colleagues. Such, as a rule, do not stay long in the corporation. All conflicts try to be resolved quickly, the authorities do not interfere in them. If the work collective plays an important role in job placement, you can safely give preference to "RusAlliance Build".

Career and development

But all this is only the beginning. LLC "RusAlliance Story" (Moscow) reviews employees different. Among them there are good and bad. Negative opinions are shown because of the actual lack of career growth, as well as professional development.

It is noted that in "RusAlliance Story"are employed in ordinary positions. And they remain for many years. At the interview, the subordinates are enticed by a quick and guaranteed advancement on the career ladder. "RusAlliance Story" is not a place to build a career.

Professional growth is available, but it is small. Achieved mainly due to the same work duties. Trainings and other training activities in the corporation are a huge rarity.

Working conditions and time schedule

OOO "RusAlliance Story" (Moscow) reviews negativeplan gets for the schedule of work. The thing is that many subordinates complain of constant overtime and unpaid work. Although the employment contract prescribes a specific time of work in a given position.

ооо russalians building moscow staff reviews

Working conditions here differ little fromaverage - in offices "RusAlliance Building" has everything you need for subordinates, but it does not cause delight. Equipment is provided, lunch breaks - too. Only all this does not negate a certain negative in relation to the proposed labor conditions.

Only some people say that "RusAllianceStroi "takes care of its subordinates and offers everything necessary to fulfill their job duties." The employer does not have anything special in this area.


For the leadership is not the best gets"RusAlliance Story" (Moscow) reviews. Employees, according to some opinions, do not appreciate and do not respect. They are literally considered to be slaves. Agreeing to something with the heads of the corporation is problematic. Standard claims against most employers.

Along with this, some note that "RusAllianceStory "simply does not like irresponsible staff." The bosses in the company go to meet those who are laid out 100% and are not lazy. "Such subordinates are treated with respect.

About the salary

"RusAlliance Story" employee feedback on earnings is mostly negative. Why?

reviews about work in rusalliance system

Initially, even at an interview, the applicantwill talk about the high income and the prospects for increasing profits. But in practice only a small salary is paid. Salaries are delayed, some do not see the earned money for 2-3 months. Such statements are not confirmed, only they are found too often.

Basically, good salaries "RusAlliance Story" pays managers. In such positions, as a rule, there are no complaints about the bosses. Everyone should remember this.


From now on it is clear what kind of "RusAliance Story"(Moscow) reviews from their subordinates. In general, this is an average employer, to which workers express a lot of negativity. It is impossible to say exactly which testimonies are true. They, as was stressed, are not confirmed by anything.

Sometimes "RusAlliance Story" is in blacklists of employers. To be surprised and be not afraid. This is normal. In such lists, companies fall mainly because of claims about leadership.

ооо russalians building moscow reviews

Is it possible to work in the company under study? Yes, if you want to work in the industry. It is recommended to pay attention to the employer to people who do not plan career growth, having high stress resistance. In this case, the probability of frustration from cooperation is minimized.