how to become a better leader

All of us, occupying not the most key positions in thecompany or organization, as a rule, we are dissatisfied with these or other qualities and peculiarities of the behavior of our superiors. And, of course, each of us assures ourselves that here, they say, I find myself in their place, so I would be a good boss, in which the employees of the soul do not chajut. However, upon reaching the desired position, fear embraces us, and we ask ourselves, without ceasing, how to become a better leader. We suggest today to understand what the real leader should be, and what qualities he should have.

How to become a good leader and lead people behind you?

Experts identify several basic skills,possessing which, a person can succeed in the position of superior. As a rule, in large organizations key people try to promote people who already possess the most necessary abilities. Missing skills will have to be developed in the process of work. We propose to elaborate on each of them.

Motivation of employees

A good leader is, above all,a person who knows the clear answers to the following questions. Why does your organization need these employees? What keeps them in your company and does not let them go to competitors? What makes employees stay in your organization even after hard times? The talented boss, of course, understands that the reason here is not money at all. More precisely, not only they. There are a lot of other reasons, in which you as a leader need to understand. Therefore, in order to be a good, cool leader, you must follow the recommendations:

- Remember that ourvalues ​​and self-respect. So, if you show respect for each of your employees, regardless of the position he holds, you can be sure that the team will answer you with 100% return.

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- As much as possible, talk to yourworkers on souls. Try to find out how much they like their daily work, whether they get satisfaction from it. This information will help you in the future.

- Offer your employees some importantfor them benefits. So, if your employees are concerned about their own health and physical form, then give them the opportunity to visit the gym. If the family is the priority for them, then let them take the children to school in the morning, and take them off for lunch. Believe me, people will appreciate your care for them, which will have an extremely positive impact on both the microclimate in the team, and on productivity and efficiency of work.

Setting Goals

If you are wondering how to become aa good head of sales or another department or even an organization, then bear in mind that a very important aspect is the ability of the boss to clearly identify the purpose of the work. So, each employee should clearly understand what the boss expects from him. With specific goals, it will be easier for a person to concentrate on the current work. Therefore, clearly report to each subordinate your expectations and deadlines for completing tasks, and also explain what you will do with the results obtained and why you need them.

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Evaluation of work

Despite the fact that the vast majority of peoplerefers to criticism negatively, it is an integral part of a well-established work process. However, make every effort to explain to your employees: a conversation with a small assessment of the results of their work is by no means an excuse for finding fault with their work. Prepare a schedule of such discussions in advance so that employees can plan their time.

How to become a good leader and lead people behind you

Delegation of responsibility

This item is one of the most importanttalk about how to become a better leader. So, of course, if you become a boss, then you do your job well. However, this does not mean that you should do everything yourself. One of the tasks of the manager is to teach other employees to work well. You need to start small. At first, let's subordinate such tasks, which in case of incorrect execution can be easily corrected. Gradually train your employees and expand their capabilities. Take into account their strengths and weaknesses and move on to more complex and responsible tasks. This will help your employees not only grow professionally, but also increase their value for the company.

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The qualities of a good leader are inconceivable withoutcommunicability and openness for their subordinates. So, let me understand and periodically remind employees that if they have any questions or difficulties they can always contact you directly. Communication, built in this way, will help you quickly learn about the problems and, accordingly, quickly solve them.

In addition, show sincere interest intheir subordinates. Do not communicate with them, using only a business tone. Ask the staff about their health, how they spent last night, on whom they were ill during the last football match, etc. Tell us a little about yourself. In other words, establish a connection with them. Believe me, people appreciate their attention to themselves and will surely answer you with loyalty. However, do not go too far. So, do not ask subordinates about too personal things, such as family life, religious views, etc.

Learn from the mistakes

First of all, let me be wrong about youremployees. Of course, one should not look at such phenomena through your fingers, however, and, as they say, it is also not necessary to give a slap to the subordinates for every trifle. Otherwise people will be afraid to come to you with their problem or even try to hide the fact of error, which can have the most negative impact on the performance of your organization as a whole. So remember that we are all human beings, and we have the right to be wrong.

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Another important principle that helpsTo answer the question "how to become a better leader" is the ability to recognize one's own mistakes. So, if something went wrong, as you expected, do not hesitate and discuss with the team what happened, trying to figure out how to proceed to achieve the result. This approach will show employees that you too can make mistakes, and also teach you how to correct your own flaws.

Use egalitarianism

If you seriously think about howbecome a better leader, then pay much attention to this point. After all, most of us are not really as egalitarian as we think. Quite often, we select favorites and pets at a subconscious level, without realizing this in our account. As a result, we all know that it is not uncommon for a boss to recognize for the most part the merits of those people who constantly remind him of themselves and express their loyalty and loyalty in every possible way. At the same time, the contribution of employees who modestly and painstakingly carry out their work is often undervalued. Therefore, take yourself in hand and try to give people due due not to their attitude to you, but by the results of their work.

In addition, always follow the rule thatabsolutely all your subordinates should be treated well. Believe me, this will have an extremely positive impact on both the microclimate in the team and on the results of the work.

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Can a fair sex be an excellent boss?

This issue has recently been veryrelevant. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to become a good leader to a woman, then bear in mind that there is no special secret here. However, practice shows that it is women who are often more effective bosses than representatives of the strong half of humanity. It's pretty easy to explain. After all, a woman throughout her life has to simultaneously concentrate on a greater number of tasks and goals than a man. Accordingly, this is reflected in her ability to lead.

Additional qualities of a good leader

Always remember that to move forward usmakes us respect, understanding and recognition of our merits. In this regard, always be as loyal to your subordinates as possible. So, a good leader always knows his employees by name, and also is aware of their cases. Always support your employees by offering them a helping hand in difficult times. Let your doors always be open. In addition, the qualities of a good leader are unthinkable without honesty and responsibility to the subordinates. Do not conceal from them the state of affairs or your plans. Believe me, all people value the trust that is given to them.