Have you ever heard the mysterious word"recruiter"? What it is? This, probably, everyone thought. In fact, the name of this profession came to us from France, because in French récruter means "army recruitment". In our time, it is the recruitment of personnel that the recruiting manager is engaged in, he is also an HR manager.

Recruiter what is it?

Sources of the profession

For the first time, a staff consultant appeared afterthe end of the First World War in the West. Although then his work, rather, resembled recruitment, rather than recruiting in the modern sense of the word. And only in the early 90-ies in Russia began to appear the first recruiting agencies. Of course, the conquest of the labor market began with the capital, but today the regions are also quite successfully covered.

Requirements for a specialist

The work of a recruiter is a big responsibility,because he represents the company in an interview with future employees. And this means that the impression that the recruiting manager will make on the candidate will remain in the memory for a long time and can affect the decision on the work in the firm.

Basic requirements for the recruiter:

  • pleasant appearance;
  • confident and competent speech;
  • higher education (ideally staff management, it will be superfluous and psychological);
  • the recruiter's resume should reflect his experience and achievements;
  • stress and the ability to quickly find solutions.

HR manager

What does the recruiter do?

What is it, we figured out, and it seems to be clear -the recruiter is engaged in selection of the personnel. But how exactly does he do it? You must have been interviewed at least once in your life. Can you now recall it in detail and describe it? What questions, in what order did the interviewer ask? And have you ever thought that this is not an accident and that each recruiter has a certain algorithm of work? Yes, yes, exactly, and now you will learn about the basic integral stages of this scheme.

Stages of recruitment

Many do not guess, but the work of a recruiterbegins long before the interview. First, he receives an "order" from the company for a particular employee. It can be either a top manager or a simple worker or even a group of workers. Each vacancy has its own range of requirements, according to which work begins ... on the network.

  1. Today it is actually much easier to selectstaff on the sites, and even the recruiter-freelancer can do this, but getting orders is much more difficult for him, because the competition is huge. So, our HR-manager starts to look through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, daily posted on popular resources about work. In the process of this search there are hardly more than twenty or thirty candidates who could come to this post.
  2. Once the resume is collected and studied, the recruiterbegins ringing for the first "stress-interview". Why is it so called? The fact is that you have to answer the phone immediately, there is no way to prepare and think. And for most people this is a very stressful process. After all, questions can be pretty tricky.
    resume recruiter
  3. In the process of telephone communication with candidates, 50%of them are eliminated. Someone could not get through after several attempts, someone did not make an impression, and someone was completely incompetent. So, there are about 10-15 worthy specialists who will be invited for an interview in an office or other place. By the way, recently large companies prefer to hold meetings in a neutral territory. For example, in a quiet cafe or even in a park. This helps to better understand how a person behaves in an unusual situation for him.
  4. The next stage, perhaps, is the most voluminous and complexfor both parties - directly interview. Here, a competent recruiter with the help of leading questions is trying to compile a psychological and professional portrait of the candidate, to find out whether it meets the stated requirements, and whether there is a potential for development in it.
  5. After communication, which usually takes 10 to30 minutes, the recruiter needs to take notes and move away from the listened candidate so that the impression of the next one is not blurred. Ideally, the rest should be 20-30 minutes, but with a large amount of resume is impossible, so at least a five-minute break is recommended.
  6. When all candidates are heard and interviewed,the most important thing is to weed out those who have not approached. And, despite the external simplicity, this stage is also quite complicated. It often happens that many people liked it, but only 5 people can go further. After the selection, the recruiter must inform the decision to all candidates, including the refusal.
  7. The interviewees are invited to the office for acquaintance directly with the company's management. At this stage, some of those wishing to take a vacant seat may also be excluded.
  8. After the decision on employment of the candidate is taken, the recruiter collects documents for checking by the security service and transferring them to the personnel department.

work as a recruiter

Wages of a recruiter

Of course, the salary of a recruiterdepends primarily on the region of work. After all, in Moscow and St. Petersburg this figure is much higher than in the region. However, the experience and skills of the HR manager play a significant role. Someone will be able to earn 17-18 thousand rubles, and someone's earnings will be all 40-50 thousand. Most often, the level of wages is determined by the results of the interview.

recruiter freelancer

Where can I get an education?

Probably, in one university you will not meetsuch specialization as a recruiter. What is it, then how to get this profession? Very simple. There are many directions that allow you to develop in the chosen direction. Here is a small list of educational institutions that will help you master the work of the HR manager:

  • Tver State University - specialty "Personnel Management".
  • Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University - specialty "Public Policy and Social Sciences".
  • Povolzhsky Institute of Management. PA Stolypin - specialty "Human Resource Management".
  • Institute for Advanced ICT in Moscow - direction "Recruiter".

Now you have the most complete idea of ​​the profession of a "recruiter", what it is and why this profession is needed. Let your interviews be successful and easy!