In order to formally work inorganization for the protection of private and public facilities, it is necessary to have a private guard certificate with you. But if you are going to a small business or a shop, then this document is unlikely to require you.

But where you can get a certificate of privateguard and what rights will you have after receiving it? Start work in a security company is not as easy as it might seem for the first time. It will not be enough just to call the ad and then go to get a job.

state service to obtain a certificate of private security guard

If you want to find a job in private securityagency and a major responsible corporation, you will have to try a little and collect some documents to obtain a document that will allow you to conduct security activities. With what to begin? This article will consider all the information that will help you in how to get a certificate of a private security guard.

Who can not get this document?

Before going and handing over papers to getdocument, it is worth to find out if you can even claim it. Not all people are able to obtain a certificate of private security guard due to some reasons that can be seen below. So, this is:

  • Ineffective people.
  • Minority, that is, when a person's age is less than 18 years (except for some cases).
  • Citizens with a previous conviction.
  • Suspected of any crime.
  • Citizens who are prohibited from conducting security work on the basis of the results of the inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Early terminated civil service in connection with the dismissal because of a disciplinary offense. This restriction is valid for three years.
  • People who have canceled a similar certificate because of an administrative offense. One year from the date of cancellation of the document.
  • Citizens who have not received training or medical examination.
  • Citizens who refused to fingerprint registration, which is mandatory.

But is it possible to obtain a certificate of a private guard if the person is not yet 18 years of age? In what cases can this happen?

It should be noted that a work permitA minor guard can also be obtained by minors. This is an extremely rare case in which a sixteen-year-old citizen must receive emancipation.

How to get a private security card? Quick Start Guide

how to get a private security card

The process of obtaining such a document is not sois complex, as it may seem at first glance, and differs little from when you get a driver's license. It is necessary to go through only some stages, after which you can officially go to work in a private security agency.

The answer to the question of how to obtain a private security guard certificate can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Search for potential employment in the field of protection.
  2. Collection of all necessary documents.
  3. Training the profession.
  4. Passage of medical commission.
  5. Exam.
  6. Drawing up an application for obtaining or renewing the identity of a private guard.

At this stage, you can not worry about anything, unless, of course, you have passed the exams and the medical commission successfully.

Where can I get a private security card? After the application has been submitted and approved, it remains only to receive the document in the relevant authorities. When and on what address to come, you will be informed after the successful acceptance of the application.

To successfully complete all stages of obtaining a document, you should know some of the nuances. More details about them will be written later.

Discharges from guards

where you can get a private security card

The greatest importance in the work of privatethe guard has a discharge. It allows you to create a kind of hierarchy among workers in the field of protection. It should be noted that those who have the lowest rank will not be able to occupy high-ranking positions in the security sphere. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are three types of guards:

  • 4 th level.
  • 5-th level.
  • 6 th level.

Lowest discharge

This category of young guard gets at the very beginning of his career, and it is from him that everything begins in most cases. Opportunities for the holders of the initial level are not very large:

  1. The right to carry and use special equipment (handcuffs, vest, protective helmet).
  2. Official employment in private security organizations.
  3. Mandatory inspection of the employee once a year, involving the use of special means described in the first paragraph

Although the fourth-rank capabilities are the smallest,but the responsibility for the performance of the work remains at a high level. And it is precisely because of this that it is worth considering such a question as how to obtain a certificate of a private security guard of the 6th category, because its owner has the right to work intended for 4 and 5 categories.

When a citizen is determined toto link his future activities with the security sphere, he should not be trained in the lower category. This can be done only if you need to test yourself in a new job.

Average level

It is also possible to enroll inthe passage of training for a guard of a higher rank. In this case, you are not at the lowest stage and have good prospects for promotion. The opportunities for such guards are much higher:

  1. The possibility of employment in private security organizations.
  2. The use of special equipment in the workplace.
  3. The use of civilian weapons permitted in security activities (including gas cartridges, barren pistols and electric shock).
  4. Check once a year in the police department.

This category is most common among Russian security guards. Responsibility for their work here is somewhat higher. This is mainly due to the possibility of using new office tools.

Highest category

Any citizen can sign up for training as a security guard of the sixth grade. Such guards have the greatest capabilities. Accordingly, getting this discharge will not be so easy.

where to obtain a certificate of private security guard

"Six-dischargers" have the following privileges:

  1. Official employment in private organizations.
  2. The possibility of using special equipment.
  3. The possibility of using civilian self-defense weapons.
  4. Use of firearms.
  5. Annual inspection.

It is worth highlighting that there are no big differences between all categories, but everyone has different salaries. With increasing discharge, the guard will raise his salary.

Learning process

Is it possible to obtain a certificate of private security guard

After you have studied the question of how to obtain a certificate of a private guard, you can proceed to practice.

When choosing a discharge, it is worth considering how muchtime and energy you are willing to spend on training. For example, the fourth grade requires 98 hours of lessons and lectures, and the fifth will take at least 174 hours of classes. To get the 6th digit of a private security guard, you should unlearn a whole 266 hours, and this is only a minimum. All these figures indicate only a minimum number of hours of classes, but in fact, their number may slightly increase. If you do not pass the necessary hours of lectures and practice, you will not get a certificate of a private security guard.

Features of the medical commission

how to obtain a certificate of private security through public services

Before you get a certificate of privateguard, it is necessary to pass not only training and examinations, but also a medical examination that will show your professional suitability. It can be passed both before the training and examinations, and after them. To do this, you need to come to any medical institution, be it public or private. It is necessary to provide information on the suitability for the private security guard to work from such specialists as:

  • Otolaryngologist.
  • Therapist.
  • Surgeon.
  • Expert in narcology.
  • Psychiatrist.

Also, a certificate from an ophthalmologist may be required to obtain a certificate. For the higher level, the passage of this specialist is mandatory.

How to get a certificate of a private guard through the "State Services"?

how to obtain a certificate of a private security guard of the 6th category

With the development of Internet technologies it became possibleobtaining most of the documents through government websites. A portal called "State Service" will help you in obtaining many documents, including the identification document.

Before you get a certificate of privateguard on the "State Service", it is necessary to pass a small registration on this portal. To do this, you need to download a scan of your passport and wait one day to check it. After that, go to the appropriate section, review all the information provided and provide a list of necessary documents.

After compiling an online application, you need to report to the appropriate office and, having paid the state fee, get a private guard certificate in your hands.