Working in Australia is a dream for many people,wishing to get a decent job in decent conditions for a decent fee. A lot of different information is offered on how to do this and what is needed for this. In this article, we will try to reveal important points, to tell you about the proposed work in Australia for Russians, what you need to provide before you start searching.

Work in the life of the Australian

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Deciding to go to work in a country likeAustralia, you should study the way of life of the local population, understand how the life of Australians is arranged and what is of primary importance for them in life. Once in the country, you will need to join the environment, which means that you need to understand and accept the lifestyle of the population of this area. Work in Australia takes in people's lives is not paramount. In the world, Australians are not considered hard workers, unlike, for example, Americans. In America, work is an end in itself, career growth lies in the minds of most people. Australians also work mostly to have enough money for such benefits as real estate, equipment, leisure activities, etc. Very important factors for them are:

  • medical insurance,
  • pension provision,
  • availability of benefits.

The standard of living of the population is quite high, and the stability and reliability of banks inspire confidence in the future. That's why many Russians are trying to find work in Australia.

Types of migration

Two variants of migrants are known. Some try to find work anywhere, just on the territory of the country, while others want to get it in a certain city or state. Depending on your desire, going to Australia, you will need to get:

  1. Visa "189" for work in any state.
  2. Visa "190" for work in a certain state.

Various vacancies are offered formigrants, which can be studied on the official website of the country. More often than not, technical workers are required in the country, but the situation is constantly changing. Each state issues its own requirements and lists of required employees. So, in one state it is offered to work as a doctor in Australia, and in another one needs engineers. The work here can be found both by men and women, so you only need to carefully read the lists. It is noted that the lists of each state have a larger number of vacancies than the general site suggests. Remember this when searching. If you do not get a job as a driver in Australia in one state, this does not mean that there is no such work elsewhere.

Migrants are looking for work

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When starting a job search, you need to realize that, evenhaving a higher education, you will not be able to immediately get a job in the specialty. The country is very well treated with narrow specialists who know their work well: electricians, locksmiths, crane operators. All these professions do not require higher education, and you can start work right after the employer's consent. The same feature has work in Australia on mines, which is often written on official websites for migrants.

It is worthwhile to understand that, like in all countries, inAustralia you can work in a private company, or you can get a job in a state institution. The difference between them in the availability of benefits and insurance. In a private organization, you work under a contract and count only on the decency of the leader, and in the state structure you have guarantees in terms of protecting your rights by law.

Work in Australia: how to get it?

work in Australia without language knowledge
So, in order to get any work in the country, you need to know the basic requirements and conditions for obtaining it:

  1. Experience of work is not less than a year, but better than three years.
  2. A diploma of secondary or higher education is welcomed.
  3. Ability to speak English. Here it is worth noting that work in Australia without the knowledge of language is impossible even at the lowest paid places. The level of language proficiency is measured in the exam, after which you are awarded an IELTS certificate with a score. For a successful job search, you need a score greater than six.
  4. There is an age limit. It is impossible to work for under-age children, and it is also difficult to find employment for people of retirement age. The most popular working age is 25-40 years old.
  5. All migrants must fill out a questionnaire in whichPoints are assigned for each answer. You can score a maximum of one hundred and forty points, but in order to get a chance to find a job, the scores should not be less than sixty.

Search Process

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Having studied the entire procedure of registration and feedback on work in Australia, we tried to bring all the actions into one list so that you could be mentally prepared for the upcoming troubles:

  • first you need to pass the English proficiency test;
  • after that it is necessary to collect all the documents, the list of which will be given to you and the migration service, translate them into English and certify the translation from the notary;
  • all necessary documents are copied, and copiessend to the relevant organization in Australia, which will confirm your qualifications (in this country there are alliances in each professional sphere, so there is no difficulty in determining the level of your knowledge);
  • After confirming the qualification you must filea statement that you want to migrate, and additionally declare the work you want to receive (all the necessary information about you is indicated and all copies of documents are attached);
  • after checking your data by the migration service, you get permission to undergo a medical examination, the results of the commission are sent automatically to the migration service;
  • in the absence of problems with health, you are sent an electronic visa and an invitation (people who suffer from hepatitis, tuberculosis or AIDS, you can not migrate to this country).

Visa for work

To get a work visa means to have the opportunityto get a job in the country legally. Such a visa you get when you know exactly what work you are going to do, and chose an employer. In this case there are several difficulties. First, finding an employer, you must convince him to take you to work, and he will need to wait for one month, until you complete all the documents. Secondly, he will need to convince local authorities that there is not one Australian who can replace you. And, thirdly, the employer pays the state a tax for permission to invite an alien to work. Summarizing everything together, we understand that it is very difficult to obtain such a visa. But if you are an expert in a rare profession, an enterprise needs you, then you can try to get a work visa.

Search Tips

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Work in Australia is, and finding it is not so difficult. But everything will be much easier if you know the nuances of search and the features of this process. Here are a few special points on which you want to stay:

  • Even with a good level of English, one must remember that there are local dialects and jargon, so you need to immediately begin to learn the features of the local language.
  • Despite all the possibilities, many workersprefer to be arranged as freelancers, that is, they work privately. In this case, you lose the chance to be protected by law from violation of your rights.
  • If your employer has issued you a work visa,then this automatically means that you will have to work with him until he covers his expenses for you. There are, of course, exceptions, but more often than not everything happens just like this. Carefully study the points of the working contract, so as not to be in bondage for many years.
  • Do not trust the promises of dubious firms andcompanies that promise to issue a working visa for collecting fruit or working in a cafe. Everyone understands that this is unprofitable, which means, it is not true, it is better to apply to lawyer migration offices.

Qualification and work

In order to work in the specialty,you must confirm your qualifications. It is easiest to find such work for people in those professions that have the same requirements around the world. For example, IT-workers. Technology is the same everywhere, and you do not have to try hard to confirm your skills. What can not be said about other directions. To work as a doctor or lawyer, you need to pass confirmation in a special organization. They exist in different spheres of activity, and specialists study both documentary and practical data. In case of a positive result, you will be given a license to work. It should be noted that this is a rather troublesome process and not cheap, but it's worth it, since having a diploma, you will earn much more than an employee without a diploma.

Work not by specialty

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If you did not succeed in confirming the diploma, youStill have a chance to get a job without taking into account a diploma or find a job not by profession. The demand for ordinary workers is high. People are needed in fields, factories, factories, cleaners, nannies and carers are needed. So, having a great desire, you can find work. The main thing is to learn the language, because this can become a real problem in the search. There are, of course, also such firms that recruit a multinational team for work, but these are mostly low-paid places and difficult conditions. So we advise you not to spare time and money, but go and sign up for a foreign language course. Or, to start learning on your own, the blessing in our time of lack of resources is not observed.

Salary and expenditure

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Life and work in Australia are interrelated, sohow, while working there, you are forced to spend a certain amount of money to maintain yourself. In order for you to imagine the level of expenses, we will show you some examples of where you can spend money and how much it costs. With an average Australian salary of about $ 100,000 per year, it has the following costs:

  • payment of taxes is about 30%;
  • payment of accommodation about $ 1000;
  • food (sometimes in a restaurant or cafe) - $ 1000;
  • travel or refueling cars - $ 500;
  • entertainment depending on preferences: theater - $ 100, cinema - $ 20, museum - $ 30, exhibition - $ 30, concert - $ 200.

The prices are average and in Australian currency, but you can roughly understand how much you need to earn in order to live worthy in this country.

The problem of housing

Buy housing in Australia is very expensive, normalthe house costs about $ 500 thousand Judging by the fact that people go there to make money, it is logical to assume that the worker does not have such a sum. Most local people live in houses, but there are apartments that are located in the central parts of the city. Payment for housing reaches 30% of the monthly salary, so people who come to work, prefer to rent a room. It's much cheaper, in addition, you can find a companion and rent an apartment together.