Today we will talk about the movie "If I werequeen". Actors and roles are presented below. The film is based on the same name by Vera Kolochkova. The melodrama consists of 4 series. The tape was released in 2012. The film was directed by Sergei Aleshechkin.

actors if I was a queen


We discuss the plot of the picture, then the actors are presented. "If I were a queen" - a film in which the heroine is Tamara. She lost her mother and took care of her little sisters. In the endless worries the youth of the heroine passed. She could not get married. My sisters grew up. On the anniversary of the departure from the life of the mother, they gathered at the table and began to recall how they played in childhood, making a wish. Sisters, being young, dreamed of sweets and princes. Now everything has changed. Tamara wants to live in her own house. Vika hopes to marry a very rich man. Modest and quiet Sonya can not think of a desire.

Key players

The following are the lead rolesactors. "If I were a queen" - a film in which one of the characters is Tamara Istomina. Zoya Buryak performed this role. The actress was born in 1966. After the birth of her daughter, her parents went to Odessa. Having matured, the girl dreamed of studying and working in Moscow. However, due to the Youth Festival that was taking place at the time, examinations in the capital were postponed. Therefore, Zoya Buryak decided to test her strength in Leningrad. Entered the course of Lev Dodin.

Anastasia Panina played Vika Istomin. This actress was born in the North-Zadonsk, in 1983, on January 15. I studied at the Moscow Art Theater. She is an actress of the Pushkin Theater.
Maria Belonenko embodied the image of Sonya. This actress was born in Moscow. I studied at the music school. She was engaged in dancing for 11 years. Educated at Moscow College, specialty - economist-lawyer. I entered the VTU Shchepkina. Studied in the studio of VI Korshunov.

Other heroes

If I were the queen of actors and roles
Below are the names of the performers of the roles of the second plan. "If I were a queen" - this is a film in which the character Vadim appears. Kirill Burdikhin played this role. The actor was born on August 8, 1980. He is shot in the cinema, actively plays in the theater.

Timothy Karataev played Ivan. Actor was born in 1986, VI Korshunov - artistic director of his course. He became an actor of the Maly Theater.

Alexander Gorodiski and A. Frantetti are also actors in the picture. "If I were a queen" is a film in which they played Slavik and Arthur. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Alexander Gorodisky - thirty-year-old actor of Theater SAD, was educated at the VTU Shchukin.

Alexei Frantetti was born in 1984, on January 15, in Tashkent. Educated in a music school. Attended the choreography school.

Alexander Naumov (August 1, 1958) embodied the image of Kuzmich. Artist of the Moscow Theater in the Southwest.