The 2008 drama of director Stephen Daldry wasanalyzed by many world film critics who did not skimp on laudable reviews. The film "The Reader" was recognized as a purely life story, in which everything is sincere enough, provocative and paradoxical at the same time. The picture resembles the well-known masterpieces of German cinema, it is sensual, physiological, primitive, rude, at the same time sentimental and poetic. The fact that the drama was shot by the Americans is amazing, this is emphasized by most reviewers, despite the fact that the leading roles were performed by the leading British actors - Rafe Fiennes and Kate Winslet. True, the role of the protagonist in his youth was performed by the beginning actor from Germany David Cross. However, with the exception of L. Olin, K. Winslet and R. Fiennes, only German film actors appeared in the film.

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Plot. Three milestones

"Reader" is a film, the actors of which embodied onscreen story, invented by the writer Bernhard Schlink. The narrative in the painting is conducted on behalf of the protagonist Michael Berg, it covers a time period of forty years. The main character begins his story from the events of 1958, which occurred in the provincial town of Neustadt. Then still very young Michael, returning from school, is experiencing a serious attack of malaise, to help the boy comes the conductor Hanna Shmitz. Recovering from the disease, three months later, at the insistence of his mother, the hero comes to his savior, in order to repay her. Between the young man and a mature 36-year-old woman, a violent romance breaks out. After carnal pleasures, Hannah asks to read her books. Secret passion was not allowed to develop, once a lover Michael discovers an empty apartment, his mistress disappears without a trace.

The passion between a mature woman and adolescent has becomecause dissatisfaction with the hypocry among those who wish to leave feedback. The film "The Reader", according to the opinion of particularly strict viewers, the guardians of morality, is not without reason rated by R.

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8 years later

The narrative narrative of the film drama is transferred toHeidelberg, it was 8 years after Hannah's escape. Michael, studying jurisprudence in Heidelberg, is present at one of the show trials. In the dock, to his horror, the young man discovers Hannah. His first love is accused of involvement in the death of three hundred Jewish women. Hannah, working as an overseer in Auschwitz, did not open the door to the unfortunate who had taken refuge in the church during the fire, as a result, they all burned alive. The proof is the report allegedly signed by Shmitz. Michael, remembering how he read books to his mistress, understands that his ex-lover is illiterate and could not sign the document. But the young man is silent, Hannu sentenced to life imprisonment.

This part of the storyline (especially the conscioussilence of the main character) among the younger generation of spectators caused bewilderment, prompted to leave indignant reviews. The film "The Reader", according to their view, is a melodrama. Unfortunately, for them, war is a distant concept, unlike love.

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The final part of the tragedy

The culmination of the narrative unfolds inThe 1990s. Ten years later, Michael divorces his wife and returns to his native town. He writes to the recorder the books that Hannah read in the old days, and sends the records to the woman who is serving a sentence. Hanna, comparing the text of the books taken in the prison library with the received voice text, is learning to read. Soon the court takes a decision to release the heroine, the only familiar person on the freedom of which is Michael. A woman cares about his attitude towards her, a man - the degree of repentance of an ex-lover for crimes against humanity.

A happy ending in the film is not there and notcan. This is confirmed by the world's critics who published their reviews. The film "The Reader" is a masterpiece and a tragedy at the same time, the history of endless complexes, crippled destinies, love. Categorically there could not be a happy ending.

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The actor's ensemble. Kate Winslet

For the role of the protagonist of the film Hanna Schmitzthe nominees Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Juliette Binoche and Marion Cotillard were considered. Hanna appeared to the creators of the personality with classic extremes, some deviations and even distortions. According to the director, the heroine must be one hundred percent true German of the early twentieth century. This was played by Kate Winslet. "The Reader" presented the actress with the opportunity to play one of the best roles in her career. Winslet played a character that can be judged, hated, pitied, he does not leave indifferent. The actress, who declared herself in the Titanic, who confirmed her talent in the Enigma, demonstrated exemplary acting skills in The Life of David Gale, created the image of a man of the era, for which she received the Oscar.

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Male actors

It should be noted the actor's play of Rafe Fiennes andthe talent demonstrated by David Cross. Fiennes is not the first time taking part in the shooting of Oscar-winning paintings, his filmography includes such masterpieces as "English patient" and "Schindler's List." This serious, wise dramatic actor has created a character that will absolutely remain in the memory of the viewer after viewing. David Cross showed himself to be a promising, gifted actor. Ahead of him is surely waiting for a brilliant career and world recognition.

Burghart Klausner is a German actor who performeda minor role of the judge in the drama "Reader", after participating in the project was noticed by the producers. Soon his filmography was enlarged with the film "White Ribbon", the thriller "Invasion". His last work is a role in the biographical drama "To Blow Up Hitler" about the life of Georg Elzer.

Psychological Reflection

"Reader" is a film whose actors have done everythingpossible, in order to convey to the viewer the idea of ​​the creators. The picture turned out to be atmospheric, similar to the "Nuremberg Trial", the same cruel and truthful. Many leading film critics have called the drama of Stephen Doldry psychological and intellectual refinement. Others - a film of memory by Anthony Mingell and Sidney Pollack - film producers who died during its production.