How did you shoot the TV series "Univer"? Every person who has heard the words "years of students", in memory, a storm of emotions associated with the time. These are years of freedom, reckless behavior, and simply an unforgettable period of life. It is during the student years that young people find bosom friends, and then the best friends of all life. And even the first love. Since those times are dear to each of us, I would like at least mentally to return there. Perhaps, therefore, the series "Univer" draws to the blue screen a huge number of spectators. On the set of the film, too, there are many interesting and amusing cases. Therefore, many are interested in how they shoot "Univer".

how to make a university

A little about the series

The main characters of the film are three guys and twogirls at the age of about twenty. They live in the same building of the hostel. Each of them has its own life line, beliefs, principles and moral values. In this regard, they fall into different humorous, incidental, embarrassing situations, of which, thanks to friendship, they do not hit the dirt in the face.

How to remove the "Univer"? Where does this happen?

The place of creation of the series about students is hidden insurrounded by courtyards of ordinary houses. The very same room, in which the survey is directly conducted, was once a factory. Now most of it is transferred to the ownership of the TNT channel. The plant is great for shooting, because there are high ceilings and a lot of free space, which can be successfully equipped, decorating for a particular scene. But the owner of such wealth "Univer" became not so long ago. Some time ago, the youth series was filmed at the ZIL plant. He was extremely inconvenient for the creative process. The film crew and the actors had to walk a few kilometers from the factory entrance before they reached the site. What can we talk about the quality of the role played by such marches? Now, of course, for all the characters involved in the series, the working conditions have become much more convenient.

how to shoot a series of university

How to remove the "Univer", or rather, the next scenemovie? At this moment on the set, there is an ideal silence. After all, the director will not forgive anyone a spoiled good shot. The only person who can speak loudly is himself.

The pavilion for the shootings is huge, because it managed to accommodate the rooms, the living room of the hostel, the cafe where the heroes liked to visit, and the "rublevsky" mansion of Sylvester Andreyevich.

For the entire period of shooting used very muchclothes. For example, women's dresses were over a hundred, costumes - a few dozen. And I had to buy a little more than a dozen sports suits, which, of course, belonged only to Kuz.

How to shoot "Univer. A New Neighbor "?

The film "Univer. New Neighbor "is considered to be a continuation of already so much loved by millions of people about the series about students. The authors of the series add up a new student Valentine, and then all the fun begins. How difficult it is for him to establish relations with his neighbors! But he will manage to become a part of this friendly team.

how to shoot the new neighbor

This "Univer", like the previous one, was shot in thosethe same pavilions. The dorm rooms were also equipped in the same building. But, of course, taking into account the past tense between the seasons. The new film has more modern scenery. An interesting fact is that it took about a week to shoot the series. And the previous issues were filmed in a few days.


How to remove the "Univer" now? Practically the same. After all, actors are not machines and will not be able to do everything the first time as the director wants. Therefore, many interesting episodes with some incidents remain behind the scenes. But nevertheless, the youth series does not lose its popularity, it is interesting for its uniqueness, because the issues are not similar to each other. Each of the series gives a great mood and positive.