This Turkish art series,telling about the events that took place in the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Suleiman I, millions of spectators from different countries fell in love. This movie is about great love, about friendship, about betrayal, about incredible valor and cruelty. In this film everything is fine: script, music, scenery, costumes and actors' play. Let's look a little bit back and see how the "Magnificent Age" was filmed.

The beginning of a grandiose project

Now it's hard to believe that when the famousTurkish film producer Timur Savzhi conceived to make a television series filled with this eastern luxury, like a fairy tale, but at the same time telling about real historical events and faces, few believed that such a project could be implemented. After all, shootings of this scale required incredible financial investments, and there was no guarantee that all this would pay off. When the first series of the film came on television screens, many could not understand how they shot the "Magnificent Age" - so original it was and does not look like other serials.

how to make a magnificent century

And in the beginning there was only a script writtentalented Meral Okay. The producer and the screenwriter were looking for like-minded people and at first could not find them, because many refused to participate in the project, having learned how risky he was financially. But nevertheless the creative collective was gradually formed. The difficulty was also in the fact that there were very few archival data on the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and they sometimes had to be collected almost by bit.

Directors and actors of the series

The story of how the "Magnificent Age" was shot,It is impossible without mentioning the names of these talented people - the directors of the series Durul Tylan, Yagmur Taylan, Mert Baikal, Yagiz Alp Akaydin. And to play the leading roles in the Turkish film epic happened to Halit Ergench (Suleiman the Magnificent) and Meriem Uzerli (Hurem).

Scenery and costumes

Everyone who watched the film was admired by the luxuriouspalace interiors, among which the main action of the painting takes place. The palace where the "Magnificent Age" was shot, of course, is not real, it's just the scenery that copies the Istanbul Palace of the Wreck. Imagine that their total area is 5000 m2!!

the palace where the magnificent century was taken

Specially constructed for filming interiorsvery successfully recreate the real rich decoration of the chambers of the Sultan and his concubines. In the series, many scenes were filmed outdoors, scenery for which could fit on 3000 m2. And when creating the movie "The Magnificent Age",where not only the life of representatives of the Sultan dynasty was shot, but also many scenes with the participation of the common people, it was necessary to build a whole city quarter, copying the streets of ancient Istanbul, its market, city square and squares.

Over the creation of costumes and exquisite ornamentsa whole army of dressmakers worked. All the toilets and outfits were carefully selected for the individual characters. Beautiful caftans and dresses were sewn from natural silks. Yes, and the decorations on the actors of the series are for the most part real. And how many weapons and armor had to be made to dress all the warriors!

Film about the film

The series was a deafening success and was bought fordisplay in 50 countries. Fans of the series wanted to learn as much as possible about the actors of the film and about the shooting process. Creators, seeing such a genuine interest in their creation, decided to make a separate movie about the series - how it was invented, how they shot it. "The Magnificent Age: the Creation of a Legend" is the name of the film, detailing everything about the filming. The film about the film was released in 2014.

a magnificent age where filmed

Now viewers can see their favorite actors, playing heroes of the historical picture, without make-up and listen to their frank stories about work on the role.