In comparison with the first film, actors "Houses with Paranormal Phenomena 2" have already filmed no parody. This time they are more equal to their own characters in the first part.

Jamie Pressly

Comedy film "The house with paranormal phenomena2 "became almost the crowning of a career for one of the most attractive actresses in the cinema. She fully used all the opportunities in her life to become successful in television, show business and cinema. Such chances were overtaken by her from childhood.

The native of the USA. She was born in 1977. Her mother is a dance teacher. This affected the fate of the actress. The daughter, at the insistence of a sports mom, first dances, and then becomes a gymnast with great prospects in her future sports career. In parallel with this girl in adolescence finds attractive external data. In combination with a good physical form, it becomes an object of searching for model agencies, and gladly responds to a profitable proposal. Similarly, unexpectedly, without any action on her part, an attractive girl is invited to one of the roles in the movie. As a film actress, 20-year-old Jamie Pressley will make her debut in an erotic picture. There, it is equally appreciated by critics, spectators and the filmmakers themselves. In the work on the tape, in their opinion, the girl was expecting a great future. And it happened.

actors house with paranormal phenomena 2

For 20 years has played dozens of major roles withvariable success in the assessments of critics and at the box office. More than 3 years already did not act anywhere. At the time of filming, the actors "Houses with Paranormal Phenomena 2" already had considerable experience on the big screen. Jamie Pressley was invited to a comedy when she turned 37 years old. Here she played the role of a character much younger than her.

Marlon Wayans

For work in the comedy actors "Houses withparanormal phenomena 2 "heard a lot of good reviews, including Marlon. In choosing a profession, he followed the example of his older brothers who became successful in Hollywood. Surname Veyance was already well-known in the bohemian world at that time. Marlon was born in 1972 and grew up in the streets of New York, having the status of the younger brother of the stars of cinema and television. With such help it was not difficult to decide with the choice of acting career on the big screen.

But after the first successful attempts as an actorthe guy was preparing to consolidate his skill. Even in adolescence, Marlon voluntarily entered the art school in his hometown. Later he became one of the most gifted and successful graduates. He also studied cinematography as a student at a prestigious university.

Career and success

The actor quickly destroyed rumors about his lack of talent inactor's craft and the patronage of the brothers. On television, from the very first roles, he became recognizable, and the debut in cinema at the age of 16 almost immediately led to the recognition of colleagues and influential people in this field. He has been a popular performer of comedy roles for 29 years on the big screen.

movie house with paranormal phenomena 2

Many actors "Houses with paranormal phenomena2 "were well known in the comedy genre. Marlon Wayans for the time of filming was already 42 years old. At the same time, he had a huge track record of comic roles.